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GTAG Modding / Opcode Database

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Hi there. Some of you may remember the above site, GTAG Modding, which was hosted on GTAGaming. It contained documentation, forums filled with mine and others findings dating years back, and the Opcode Database, which provided quick and precise documentation on individual opcodes in SCM, a configurable generator for Sanny Builder and 'Project SCRambl' definitions, and the only place to generate modern 'SCR' definition files.


It also had some great, but probably less popular tools and documentation pages. GTAG Modding tried to be packed with purpose-built web tools to make finding and managing documentation on GTA modding easy, and the documentation tended to be more precise and accurate than anywhere else. It was also somewhat known as "my" site, though there are a lot more people to thank for its existence.


Unfortunately GTAGaming suffered an ill fate, so gtag.gtagaming.com is no more. Go there and see, it's gone from the face of the earth.


Long story short, that's pretty sad, so I had to take action. GTAG Modding will continue to thrive at:



It's about time, really! If you used to visit there, chances are you're here too, so this topic is to say that we're still alive and we'll be glad to keep serving modding documentation


For the longer story of how I came to my senses and saved GTAG Modding, see here.



And to make this topic more convenient for future use, here's a short directory of a few of the most valuable parts of GTAG Modding, many of which now unfortunately have broken links to from these forums through the old domain (if you've got posts to the old domain and some spare time, please update them for the good of the internet!), that will now remain available online, hallelujah:

  • Opcode DB
    By far the most popular part of the website. Provides a generator Sanny Builder definitions, as well as definitions for modern SCR-based alternatives such as SCRambl. Also provides thorough documentation on every opcode for the GTA games including CLEO libraries.
  • Mods
    Contains mods, many uploaded there before anywhere else. Possibly some not even actually re-uploaded anywhere else.
  • Car Colour ID's
    Car colour ID tables for all GTA games, including info about the broken ones.
  • SA - Vehicles
    A page listing all SA vehicles, documenting and allowing searching of not only name, model name and type, but what missions they were featured in and the real-life vehicles they were (probably) modelled after. It would be more impressive if it were ever finished!
  • SA - Peds
    Some meticulous ped model documentation, documenting ped types, model ID's, model names, and most uniquely, what those model names (probably) mean.
    Also, like many documentation pages on GTAG, it also has documentation on the memory structure of the peds at the bottom of the page.
  • SA - Cheats
    As far as I know, one the only places documenting all the original text cheats for SA on PC.

It also has a forum, which was mostly used alongside GTAForums to remind me that I never finished The Black Market Mod via the PM system, but way, way back we had an active (ish) community and posted much about GTA modding. GTA modding still thrives, but it doesn't feel like it's anywhere near as alive as it used to be, so that forum probably won't see any life again and I'm pondering ways to rebuild the site to enable and encourage community contribution instead of having a separate forum, but for nostalgia's sake, it's still there, and maybe I'll see some old faces pop in to say hi? :ph34r:


I've never known the right way to end a topic and this is no excep


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Could I sign up for staff?

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Could I sign up for staff?

Not much to do except tend to the tumbleweed. There is a control panel thing for adding/editing documentation pages, and a lot of documentation that could do with being added by someone knowledgeable about modding though. Also the mundane task of trying to make all the data in the opcode database perfect for multiple uses. I'm working on redeveloping the site in a way that makes content easier and more free all to edit but that's going to take a while.

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