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Adults & Like-Minded Role Play Community! Most Immersive on Xb


Recommended Posts


We are a community of adult, mature and respectable players who have no time for child like people and bullspit. People come and go but the real and true role players are the ones who stay for years. If you're a true role players and are interested in becoming a part of an economy based role play then this is place for you!


This community offers a full role play experience and the players WWE attract like to take part in a diverse set of careers! With over 200 to choose from there are endless things to do! We do have Police Fire and EMS, they are the positions that we get the most questions about and they are one of the best paying jobs!


This Role play group is vastly immersive as far as the game play goes.


Each player has:

A Career

A Hobby


Registered Vehicles and License Plates

Registered Weapons

Criminal records


We Register our:


Player Name


Home address

Business Address

Vehicles & Corresponding Plates


Criminal History


Impounded Vehicles


We have a website with currency to avoid an unbalanced economy. We have players from January 2017 and players who just joined last week! We have seen many players who think they can handle this style of role playing only to find out they are upset when they can't have their way since we have a set of laws and rules already in place. We have a handbook for police and a handbook for rules and laws. We have a FAQ section on the website and all documents are on the site for all players to view.


You may purchase anyour property in San Andreas and use it for roleplay, start your own business or buy one already in the game! Be a lawyer or a real Estate agent. Maybe be a cook at your own restaurant or even deliver products to and from destinations. Be a pilot, taxi driver, police officer, design cars or sell them, you can do anything you can think of!

, get your licenses and permits for all the things you want like motorcycles and cars, gun permits, and pilot licenses.


We have buy houses, cars, furniture (adds benefits), car modifications with mechanics or buy guns through the clerk. Don't forget to buy life insurance just in case you die!


Many loans to take out from personal, vehicle houses, to business and college loans! Go to college and get a degree to make even more money in your career field!


Have ideas to add to the role play? No problem because we are very open minded and like to add new ways to make this community the best there is!


Police officers are highly wanted! We need true to the law officers and we have a chief who can lead like no otherso there is never any issue with being an officer!


I am running, and adding onto my Role Play group. I am 23 years old, I have a family and a full time job so PLEASE UNDERSTAND Life comes first! That goes for all our members, If you cant make it to a session its not a big deal! We are a friendly and Mature group of players who are helpful and understanding!


I am looking to find people who are : Mature, Friendly, Respectful of others, Good sense of humor, Know when to be serious and when to have fun.

(rules and laws does not mean its not fun, it just makes the sessions more immersive)


People who feel useless in their current RP crew, people who hate having to dedicate their lives to their rp crew WE ARE DIFFERENT


I am recruiting 24/7 players all the way to players who can only play one day per week.


There is ranking in my group. From Leader (Myself) to Recruit and they are in order from Lowest to Highest

(Higher Ranked Players have authority to make changes, add rules, ban players, add players)



If you are interested in joining my group of players then please go to our website and apply.


Please go to gtacrpc.enjin.com/applications to apply!

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