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Wu Zi Mission - Amphibious Assault


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Just posting a topic on the mission for Wu Zi which is Amphibious Assault.. I am working my way through the missions on GTA San Andreas for PS3. Before you can even start the mission, it is required that the player increases CJ's lung capacity.


I've spent some time in the water with no increase of lung capacity.... Kinda just wanna get the mission done of course.


I am curious to know what are your strategies for increasing your lung capacity for this mission, specifically for the PS3 version if possible?


Thanks in advance.

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Just stay still underwater for a few minutes and you should get the tooltip saying it has increased. If I remember correctly, you only need to get 5% Lung Capacity to be able to start the mission, so when you see the first tooltip saying it has increased, you should then have enough to start the mission.


If you stay still while underwater, your oxygen will deplete slower. So the fastest way to increase the stat is to just dive underwater, stay still, come up for air when you need to, stay still until you have enough oxygen, and repeat.

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OYSTERS, Collect the oysters as the areas open up, Soon the Lung capacity is easily increased, by doing something useful rather than just "diving" for the pleasure of it.

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Kebab's post is good. I just wanted to clarify that by tooltip he means the "your lung capacity increased" text, not "Lung Capacity +".

I can confirm that all that matters to train CJ's lung is under water time, not oxygen consumption.

Thirdly, your "XP" is reset when quitting the game, so if you dive for 59 sec and quit/start again, you have to dive the whole minute again.



Speedrunners do the diving in the waiting time of Outrider (after destroying the final road block, diving near the NRG challenge) and Snail Trail, waiting for the reporter at the train station (you can get a heli to fly there quickly - or ride the train with him and trip skip). Once he stands on the side walk waiting for a taxi, you have to get moving and run near him. The mission fails eventually.

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