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can't unlock Riot mission GTA SA [v1]



master can yall help me? , after i complete Groove 4 life no mission show up on the map, my Man told me that after Groove 4 life its Riot missionand. i already claim territories 35,09% and big useless brotha Sweet didn't call me.

''sorry for my bad english'' :colgate:



here it is my safe files = http://gtasnp.com/fw3HXz

Edited by Samclinton

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3 answers to this question

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You're using a modified binary and you've used 216 cheats. Your save file is probably very broken.

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lil weasel

Is the DVD scuffed, scratched, or cracked.

If you have mods installed try the Modding Forums.

Edited by lil weasel

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It looks like the Riot mission won't start because global variable $58, a variable used by the Flow control script to flag that the riot mission has already been launched, has been altered. Judging by the values stored in this and similar unnamed global variables, your save has been corrupted by a bad script that has added over 50 parked car generators to your save.

Removing the bad mod won't fix the problem with your corrupt variables. You'll need to reset $58 = 0 or the mission won't launch. SASE has a Script tool that can edit global variables.

Resetting $58 should allow the Riot mission to start, but it looks like quite a few other variables have been corrupted as well. A lot of the damage won't make a difference this late in the game, but other damage might. I wouldn't be surprised if you ran into other problems related to this issue.

Edited by OrionSR

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