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Where is Jeff?


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I have completed GTA IV for the first time on PC lately. During the course of the storyline, I met Jeff Harlingford, a random character that can be found in the East Holland/Lancaster area of Algonquin, and I attempted his first mission. However, after taking a picture of his wife and her friend in the Superstar Cafe, I killed them both, thinking it would pass the mission (I had read on the GTA Wiki that if you kill her, it will cancel Jeff's two other random encounters, thus preventing him from being killed in his last encounter). But all I got was the red mission failed text telling me they are dead, and Niko did not even make a call to Jeff afterward, so the mission was not passed.


A couple of times, I went back to the spot where you first meet Jeff, thinking I would be given another chance to do the mission. But he never appears. I go back to the spot all the time, any hour of the day, but he never appears. What went wrong? No matter how much times I save and reload my game and go back to the spot, Jeff does not appear at all. When I killed his wife and her friend, did I actually pass or what? Are Jeff's next two encounters actually cancelled out because I killed his wife? But Jeff's contact is stuck in my phone, and that bothers me since it is useless if I am not going to hear back from him.


Has anybody else experienced this problem, or is it just me? Do you think maybe it is a glitch, or should I continue to return to the spot to find Jeff? This did not occur to me on the PS3 version, since I was not stupid enough to kill Jeff's wife during my playthrough then.

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Killing her and her friend counts as a pass, and both remaining random encounters are skipped. His contact doesn't disappear because he's still alive.

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Killing her and her friend counts as a pass, and both remaining random encounters are skipped. His contact doesn't disappear because he's still alive.

Ah man. That's going to bother me now out of OCD lol. Thank you though

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