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FIVEM : San Andreas First Response RPC


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Are you looking for a professional, mature and realistic clan? Well you now have the opportunity to join one!


We are currently recruiting EMS, Fire, Police, Civillian, Dispatch and internal affairs staff. Our realistic clan will take place on a FiveM server and is an American community roleplay, this is where we roleplay as the scene being set in America and is as realistic as possible. At the moment we are a growing community. We have very professional, experienced staff helping to run the clan.


The current roles open for recruitment are Police, Sheriff's Department, Highway patrol EMS, Fire, Civilian, Dispatch and Internal affairs staff.


The duties for Police, Sheriff's Department, Highway Patrol is they all respond to incoming 911 calls and also deal with traffic offences. Furthermore Highway Patrol respond to Incoming 911 calls , Highway Patrol then proceed to patrol highways and deal with traffic offences.Highway Patrol looks for experienced members and only the best will obtain the role. EMS: EMS respond to incoming 911 calls regarding injured civilians, and also respond to the odd fire calls when needed to do so. Fire: Fire responds to incoming calls such as Fire calls and road traffic collisions. Civilian: Civilian’s make good calls that then are responded to which unit is necessary for the call, to be civilian you have to be very mature and know how to role-play seriously because if civilian’s do not role-play properly the whole role-play scene is then suspended and ruined. Dispatch: Dispatch is the heart of the community and one of the most important roles, you do not have to own FIVEM to become a dispatcher (Radio Comms is when you communicate over the radio professionally using codes to transmit voice radio from one person to another person).


Usually we will need you to fill in an application however, tonight only we are doing teamspeak interviews without the need of an application! We hope that you consider joining our clan; to join please join Team speak 3 Server: Server Address: eu3.freets3.ovh:22421



Thanks, San Andreas First Response RPC (Internal Affairs Supervisor)

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