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This is getting out of control


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Rockstar will you PLEASE for the love of GOD get off your f*ing ass and deal with these modders. It's getting to the point where half the players are modding the game. It's completely ruing the online experience. This is totally out of control. I'm done with this game until you guys do somethin... I lost count of how many times I've ran across people with god mode, forcing people out of their own cars, mass killing people with mini guns with auto lock, summoning the entire lobby to one spot where they all fall and die... People spamming money hacks and giving away 10-20-30 million at a time...Which in real world currency is actually a felony cause they are giving away illicit goods that amount to more then $300.00 in shark cards. Considtering they are doing this in a room with typicaly 10 players. Thats $3,000 USD... Now if thats not something to go to jail for I don't know what is. If I know my laws right, anything stolen worth more then 250.00 USD is a felony. And they do it weather you want the money or not... This is joke rockstar. Seriously... Start banning some fools.. For real... Make it known you aint playin anymore. If your understaffed I'd be first in line to join the club to start policing dis shyt if you made a club where people get paid 250k for each modder they report and is found guilty we can clean this shyt up real quck. These guys have no respect for nobody and its gotta end... For real. You can't beat them so you're left with only one option and that is to join them. Thats why I say this is getting out of control. Cause it is.. I was in several lobbies yesterday. Wanna know how many modders I ran across? Let me put it this way. It felt like I was the only one not cheating...

Edited by kaindayo
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You do realize Rockstar has no presence on these forums, right?


Rockstar is well-aware of all of these modders (disabling insurance, acknowledging level/money manipulation, etc.)


Rockstar is just bad with anti-cheat methods


Doesn't help the fact that GTAV is one of the most modded games on PC


Hate to say it but this rampant cheating won't be going away. Ever.


Maybe you'll get a grace period for a few hours when the next update drops - but the rats will scurry back into the game very soon


Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that rampant cheating is now a core part of GTAO on PC


All you can do is hope R* moves GTAO away from P2P and onto dedicated servers, which would greatly reduce cheating. But we all know that will never happen .

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You probably one of them



you are the one ranting, i just point you to the thread for others like you, nothing you couldnt have done on your own

Edited by HaRdSTyLe_83
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The modders are an issue & very annoying, I guess the best thing to do is bide your time Rockstar will have a purge, or just find another session without modders, they do exist, see the thing is these people tend to be silly little kids who really aren't old enough to be playing GTA, I've found there are less modders online in the evenings or on a Sunday night, when their Mum's need them to be in bed early for school in the morning LOL!



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I'm aware that they arnt offically part of this site but they do have people who read these forums for feedback. If not on the job, they might do so on their off time as well. Just to see what people think.

Edited by kaindayo
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