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How to create shadows on self-made meshes [help required]

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Hi all,


how does GTA IV render shadows onto its gameworld? So far I have modified buildings (not their lods) and their collisions, yet my modifications don't cast any shadows. Im assuming that the RAGE-engine uses some kind of shadowcascading, however I dont know how to modify it. How can I change the shadowmaps? Or is it even possible to do so?

I am using openIV and 3ds max 2012 with OFIO and Blender.


I would appreciate it, if someone could give me some hints. ;-)


What I want to use that for:

Lately I ve been mainly a GTA IV TDM player who has played many matches vs other players within clanwars. We, about 50guys, took TDMs in GTA IV a step further and developed a high skillset. These days however, most of the good players left the game. This is due to playing the same maps over and over again for the hundreds, thousands time gets obviously boring. I decided to change that by adding new interiors to Colony Island - our favourite map.


A little background to myself:

I have gotten into my gta obsession by playing "Gangstar" on mobile in 2012. This was the starting step which was shortly followed by me playing GTA -SA and later on, GTA IV.

I have fallen in love with it on the first sight ;-) and since then I always had the wish to modify the actual gameworld. Since roughly one year I have been using Blender which was the starting point for me to get into 3D-visualisation and modding. So in the past weeks I found out as much as I could about modding IV, with the help of OpenIV and 3ds Max.





Benjamin / Bagira

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