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Glitch or Biker Gang?

Ray Carter

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Ray Carter



This has happened to me many times, so I'm sure someone else would have witnessed this too. But, I've never seen anyone discuss this. Is this a glitch or a scripted feature like a Biker Gang?


Basically, what happens is four bikes of the same bike will spawn in a row along with the same pedestrian on each one. They ride around in a gang as they will all follow each other around.


I'd like people to share their own experiences too and post screenshots or video if you have any.

Edited by Ray Carter
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I've never seen this personally. It might be because of your mods.

Nope, I have seen this a lot of times on PS2, Xbox and PC. Not sure about Mobile, but very sure that is happens too. It is a behaviour of the game. Looks like coded stuff, even the bikes are the same model only different peds on them, but maybe that's a randomizer in the game's code. Even that "event" looks like a randomizer triggered. Edited by Inadequate
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This is a feature of the game. When game creates a bike with mad driver, there is 12.5% chance (unless riots are active) that game will turn it into a leader of convoy of 3 or 4 bikes. Therefore turning on mad drivers cheat should make spawn those convoys more frequently.

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I've only ever seen this once, and in San Fierro. It's strange because I spend more time in San Fierro than anywhere else and even though the odds are rather low, I'd have hoped to have seen it more frequently. It reminds me of the row of Elvis impersonators you'd see in the top-down games for some reason.

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These peds look nothing like bikers. There is however a broken biker gang in the game. Something that developers may have planned. Real bikers (the guys with biker jackets. you can also distinguish a club logo they all have) appear as lone riders, I've never seen them ride in packs.

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I don't think it's either a glitch or a programmed gang.They were probably programmed as just a group of people riding motorcycles together,which is something many bikers like to do,even those who are not MC members.

There are some "biker gang" NPCs (those guys with Cobra patch on their jackets and vests),but for some reason they were cut as a gang and instead programmed as two civilians (the one with a red bandana and the one with a black bandana), one carjacker (the one with sunglasses), and one drug dealer (same NPC model as the one with a black bandana,spawns very rarely).I remember seeing them too riding in a group in the countryside and the desert,in small groups of three or four. http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/San_Andreas_Bikers

Edit: Found a video of a group of bikers in SA




Edited by GTA-Biker
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Yes, this is programmed.


Here's the code part:



(yes, works even with NRG-500)


There's no more conditions, it's totally random, not directly about location etc.

Edited by Junior_Djjr
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It's not a glitch, it's part of the game. I remember a few moments where I'm driving anywhere and I see a group of bikers driving together.

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Evil empire

I already saw some 4 bikers groups, in the desert for example. It's always funny.

Edited by Evil empire
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yeah they usually spawn more often in weekend especially on SF

There's no more conditions, it's totally random, not directly about location etc.

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