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Bratva Security VDV (Jet pilots welcome!/Aviation crew) - Recruitm


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"До́брое бра́тство -- лу́чшее бога́тство."


Bratva Security Incorporated is a Private Military Contractor operating inside of Los Santos, San Andreas. We are a highly experienced and highly organized firm with top of the line weapons, vehicles, and gear ready for deployment for clients across the state. We are currently a PS4 only crew.


The background of Bratva Security


Bratva Security was estabished early 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia after the fall of Communism in 1991. The fall of the U.S.S.R. briefly brought a period of vulnerability to the country of Russia and surrounding satellite states around the now newly formed Russian Federation. Bratva Security was formed by members of the now nonexistent Red Army, having left government payroll to enter Private work. The first order of Bratva Security was ensuring stability in Eastern Europe, which is still a ongoing task to this day. In recent years, Bratva Security has expanded to the areas of Western Europe and, as of 2016, into the areas of the Western United States under contract alongside Merryweather Security.


There are two divisions to Bratva Security. Our first division, and our largest, is our Security firm. Peacekeepers are employed to this division, and depending on their assignment and position in Bratva Security, may be given various tasks either by Clients that hire Bratva or by Bratva Staff. Our second division is our Office Staff. These positions include CEO, CFO, VIP, secretaries, and members who conduct planning and logistics for our company.


Operations Bratva Security conduct


Bratva Security will engage in many kinds of VIP work, including all CEO, Biker, and Car Theft work. Bratva Security members can also be hired to supervise crew meetings, car meets, and just public lobbies for clients as well. Other kinds of work are welcomed at Bratva that were not listed above.


Peacekeepers are not expected to work for free however. Any work that does not provide payment and is not ordered by a Commanding Bratva Officer is up to the Security Detail on if it is worth the effort to perform. Any work that does provide payment, however, is expected to be completed by Bratva Peacekeepers in an effective way with a successful outcome.


Appyling for Positions


Step 1 - Apply here - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KJSYWMP. This application will be submitted to the head of Bratva Security. Please put 'Aviation' or 'Pilot' into the question regarding your position or role in the crew. Here, it will be on review for usually a few hours. You will be contacted within at the most 24 hours after applying.


You will be contacted by myself, Lt. Culafic, or a Bratva Security staff member will get a hold of you. You will be screened, interviewed, and then be selected for training with myself in select aircraft.


After your basic training, you will be labeled an airmen for Bratva VDV. You will be given a callsign and be an offical part of the Bratva team.


Contact Information - You can reach me two ways. My fastest way of communication is Kik messenger, with my Kik being RussianBearsMod. My second way is my PSN, which is PapaNoChillWolf. Any questions can be answered their if you have any or are looking to apply for a contract or alliance with Bratva.


Rockstar Social Club - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/bratva_security_vdv


"Good Brotherhood - The Best Wealth." Bratva Motto.

Edited by LtCulafic
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We are still recruiting jet pilots who want to find a flock to fly with! Apply today!

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GTA FAN 1011

We are still recruiting jet pilots who want to find a flock to fly with! Apply today!

Hi I would like to join your crew, I followed the steps in your first message :)

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