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Paying your associates in cargo selling missions


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I wonder if you guys do that too.


If i want to sell my entire warehouse (16 crates at once with a profit of $$240.000) and there is someone to help me out, if that person do the job the right way and deliver/ protect i will pay 50% of the money (with the money sharing in the menu) so my associate will won $$120.000 bucks for him to have fun


I feel that i am doing the right thing, because your associate only won $$10.000 and thats highly unfair and since he helped you with the entire delivery and succeed, he deserves the money.

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Can you even share that amount ?

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Can you even share that amount ?


I did this with 2 people yesterday and it worked, they both helped me in my cargo buy missions and after that, we did two deliveries, however i only brought one with me for every delivery.

Edited by MarczXD
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1. Can someone else confirm that it's possible to share money this why?


2. Filling a 16 crates warehouse costs you between 32k to 92k & it costs you time so giving a 50% cut seems to me like exaggerated generosity but if it makes you feel good...

Edited by shmok2
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I don't confirm, want proof. I know it was possible on PC back in march(or little earlier) to share money from some CEO missions like Headhunter, it worked exactly like when you share money from robbing. But the money from CEO warehouse sales never appeared for me in the interaction menu.


There are wishlist threads about that btw. I'd like to see a picture OP, please.

Edited by Hécate-II
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Can't share on PS4... Want video proof to know if this has changed..


If so, handy... But I'm sure we just can't, OP...

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Wouldn't be a horrible workaround to have a little workplace equality in an organisation/MC. It'd be a start for sure. If this was true, we could start a group and actually play through a whole session without having to change organisations/MC's for everyone to get a decent amount of cash.

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Cryptic Entries

So did anyone find out if this works? I'm almost positive that it doesn't, but it would be nice if it does.

Edited by Cryptic Entries
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It doesn't allow you to share the delivery profits.


Often times if I feel I need to compensate somebody for helping I source a I/E vehicle and deliver it to your their warehouse. Just drive up get out of the vehicle and they'll be able to drive it into their warehouse assuming they don't already have that particular car stored.



Edited by NiceOnes
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50% is way too much. you won't make much profit by giving that amount.

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