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Question regarding the map.

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I figured I'd rather not clutter the main thread with what amounts to archeology, and that thing's big enough already.


While looking up the mod, I saw that the current plan is to introduce tunnels at some point that be used to connect cities. However, I've also seen floating around a map that shows the area between cities filled in with land, and Midway was included.


Now, I'm well aware that Midway has been removed from the project, but I did like the design of that map, and tunnels do seem to run contrarian to it. Could someone explain to me what was going on with that map? Was it just a fan thing and had no meaning? Or was it an idea too ambitious that got scrapped and replaced with the currently planned tunnels?

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Midway has two meanings, actually. The first one was a parody name for the Midwest, and the second one was additional district located south of Mainland Liberty and was connected by bridges. But since the map itself is simply a bit too messy and we didnt want to focus on finishing it at that time as we had other goals to reach, we decided to drop Midway.


About tunnels, this is not exactly true. We have plans for a content pack which will be introduced in Beta 1.0 which will connect cities with tunnels. And in the future we have plans to introduce landmasses to connect map areas instead, so no tunnels.

Edited by dkluin

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