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Office Sale / Advice needed


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Hey guys,


I have a few questions. Firstly, I've got enough money now to buy myself the cheapest office which is on sale ($1mil for office & a decor). However, if I do this I won't have much left over for Gunrunning. So how long does the sale last, and is it worth me buying the office? Bear in mind I am only able to spend up to a couple of hours a day playing as I have exams at the moment.


I can't decide, because hopefully bunkers will be a good way of making money as well... I'm not sure what to do haha.





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Well you'll almost definitely need to be a CEO to enjoy the full amount of benefits that Gunrunning will bring to the table.

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With the information we have right now, its hard to say. If you need to be a CEO to access gunrunning, then you'll probably want to get an office. If not, you might want to save all the money you can for a bunker/new toys. My advice is hang on to your cash at least until more info is available.

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Yeah apparently the event that's on now, which includes the sales on those specific items, was original scheduled to end on the 5th, with the update coming on the 6th. I doubt they'd release a DLC update during an ongoing event, but the items that are currently on sale are somewhat related to Gunrunning anyway, so at least it would "fit in"; most think it's the 13th now.

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I doubt a million will be enough for you to buy into gun running, really doubt it....I'd forget the office for now and start grinding hard


I've got 6 million set aside, prob need to buy a couple of properties & should have enough left for one of the new vehicles

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1 million? Yikes. The going wisdom is that gunrunning will take 5-10 million just to get going. You are a pauper by GTA:O standards.


If I were you, I'd buy that CEO office, then grind up enough to buy an Import/Export garage then start importing with friends. There are people that are really good at it and working as a team (2 people) You can make 200k ever 25 minutes or so. Be steady about it and you can make a $500k a day.


It ain't great and it'll take time but it's the best money maker - especially factoring in you can split the public lobbies handle the uptight AI with no damage to the cars.


What platform you on OP?



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1 million won't be enough for gunrunning mate. And you will probably need a CEO office to even play gunrunning. Each new update is pretty costly and costs at least 3 to 5 million + to set up and get going. The gunrunning update looks like it will be the most expensive update yet as it is military vehicles and all the military vehicles we have available now cost millions. The Ruiner 2000 was about 4.5 million on its own!


I'd buy the CEO office now while it's cheap and then buy import/export so you can steal and sell cars to make up the money for gunrunning.

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I should explain a bit further


There are people who think gun running will be tied to either CEO or bikers, if that were the case then I think it would fit better with bikers.


But...CEO hit & you needed to buy an office and a warehouse, bikers hit and you needed to buy a clubhouse and a business. Rockstar like their formulas & if they stick to it with gun running, then it will be its own thing & you will need to go out and buy a bunker, and maybe even an arsenal, bunker being equivelant of an office or clubhouse, arsenal being equivelant of a warehouse or business.


I decided on keeping a minimum 6 million based on the idea of it being separate & me wanting to avoid the cheapest properties, because most people go for the cheapest they can get & I've seen lots of trouble between multiple players using the same cheap option office & warehouse, or players camping at them to ambush ceo's. Same goes for most expensive to a lesser extent, there are people who think most expensive = best, where that's really not often the case.


Don't worry about it though, even if you haven't got enough to buy into it from the off, as with prospects and associates, you'll be able to play it and enjoy it.


Just keep plugging away and save, if you haven't got a playlist of good time vs money missions, make one & grind it & steal and sell cars every 48 mins. I would say grind the double cash promotion, but its special vehicle missions now & its teeming with useless players. I tried running em & time after time after time the other people got killed and failed the mission for us. So in terms of time vs money...you'll make more from grinding a good playlist.

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