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I need some advice..


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I was doing various jobs and races on Gta online Lastnight, the times between, the lobbies seemed to be occupied by hackers, one made my character do pole dance on an invisible pole, which if it wasn't so funny it would have been annoying, I then escaped to do some races, when I got back to the lobby, I got a message from sercuroserv saying that I had been paid $50,000 for being a bodyguard, even though I wasn't under any CEOs, I then looked at the amount of cash that I had and it said I have $995,000, there is no way I got that from the races alone seeing as I only done two or three of them, nonetheless I banked all of it, I'll cut to the chase here, can I get into trouble for having money distributed by hackers and what should I do if it happens again, I also see a lot of people demanding that hackers give them money, which is kind of stupid, just play the game for goodness sake..


Thanks in advance.




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May I also add that I did not ask for this to happen like many seem to do, I'd rather get money the correct way, from jobs ect, I don't even bother with shark cards, where is the sense of achievement in that?

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Ok this is getting crazy now, I logged into a session today & found I have tens of millions of dollars, I spawned my garage check my money & there it was, when I last looked before joining that session my cash amount was about $7,500


For some reason this topic keeps getting ignored, all I wanted to ask was has anyone else had this happen?




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