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GTA 3: enabling the quadruple insane stunt on a saved game

Evil empire

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Evil empire

Hello everybody!


I followed the instructions on GTA modding and tweaked my main.scm but everytime I load a save my game crashes.


Is there anything I can do to enable the quadruple stunt without starting a new game?


Woud it be hard to enable the quadruple stunt through CLEO?


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That's exactly why it crashed. You can't edit a main.scm and load a save game. I think you could possibly do it in CLEO but idk how you would do it.

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Evil empire

Tweaking the main.scm doesn't always force you to start a new game.


I altered my main.scm in Vice City to restart the pizza delivery at will and it works with my savegames.

Edited by Evil-Empire
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My observations suggest that if you edit any thread that might be active within the save then the save will crash the game or just start a new game. One option that might work is to disable your High Jump thread (I'm more familiar with SA scripts than III) by increasing it's wakeup timer. Then end the sleeping HJ thread with cleo and launch your new HJ thread. Or it might be safer, but more complicated to disable all threads by reducing the global and weather timers, kill and replace the HJ thread, and then restore the original timers.You'll need a save anywhere script with this option.

There should be a way to pull a label address using the new cleo commands (0AAA:?), but my practice for relaunching main.scm threads with cleo is to use the global offset address for the thread. Global offset addresses were provided by a Sanny Builder decompile option. Examples of launching SA threads with cleo can be found in the SA glitch detection and repair topic.

Edited by OrionSR
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  • 11 months later...
Evil empire

Nevermind, I fixed it on my own when I had to start a new game.

Edited by Evil empire
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