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Editing gameconfig in OpenIV cause GTA 5 to crash on Startup


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Hello everyone. I have been modding GTA for quite sometime now. I know most things about doing it but not everything. I am currently having this problem. Currently when I go into OpenIV, I edit the dlclist.xml and gameconfig.xml files located in the Grand Theft Auto V -> update -> update.rpf file. I then proceed to insert my script mods and other mods that go into the main game directory. I have been doing it this way for about a year now. The issue I get now is that whenever I do this, I get up to maybe the 2nd game art in the loading screen and then the game stops loading and crashes with "Grand Theft Auto 5 has stopped working" error. This issue has been going on for about 3 days now and I can't seem to wrap my head around as to why it is not working anymore. There have been no new updates to OpenIV or GTA V that I am aware of, I have tried using the mods folder option (when I first tried the mods file I only inserted the update.rpf file in the update folder within the mods folder and had openiv.asi and dinput8.dll in the main game directory and it worked! I exited the game and inserted my other mods and added the extra dlc folder for addon cars, it said I had corrupted game data)(before I was not using this method and it worked fine everytime), I have tried doing it without the mods folder option, I have tired doing it only editing the update.rpf file and not inserting other mods and sometimes adding the openiv.asi file and dinput8.dll (both installed by OpenIV). Also, I can insert my other mods (trainers, scripthook, winches for vehicles, etc) that go into the scripts folder or into the main game directory and they work fine. No problem at all. However as soon as I edit that update.rpf file, it all starts to fall apart. I think it is an issue with OpenIV maybe not saving it properly? I am not sure though. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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The Help & Support section is catered more to unmodified games. Since your question regards game modifications of some sort, this thread would be better suited in the GTA Modding section.


Edit: Whoops, lol.

Edited by HalfOfAKebab
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Thank you. Didn't realize it was in the wrong thread. I appreciate it!

Edited by applefan15
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