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Completing paramedic missions in Angel Pine at the very beginning.

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Is it possible to complete the paramedic missions at Angel Pine at the very beginning of the game or the peds around will just disappear like in VC?

Edited by SMACKED!
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It is after you open the island, which would not be at the very beginning.

Actually it can be done anywhere, just watch the pattern of "patients".


I like doing it right in the centre of Los Santos. I knock the doors off the ambulance then do the mission.

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they were quite easy in blueberry, there is hospital with ambulance and most of people are near, some spawn in palomino creek and montgomery (after you got bigger time accumulated and levels)

Edited by ACM-Jan
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I did mine starting from the hospital next to the skate park in Glen Park, simply because the ambulance already spawns there and I don't have to "make" my own. The first few levels fly by, and I usually only had to do one lap of the park to pick everybody up. Things got trickier past level 5 or 6 because I had to determine which distant passengers would be worth collecting first, taking into account any time bonuses and where my last 3 would be. I imagine Angel Pine is easier but if you want to go for a starter save or just reap the benefit of getting the paramedic missions over and done with, Glen Park hospital is no problem.

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I did mine starting from the hospital next to the skate park in Glen Park.

Yeah I usually complete the Paramedic Mission in Glen Park as well, and did it the other day in the current playthrough I'm doing. I thought that the spawn locations of the passengers were reasonable and easy enough to get to and there were no real far spawning passengers until a lot later in the mission, which makes the earlier levels go a lot quicker.


Generally when it comes to Paramedic in any of the games, I'd recommend that there's some sense of planning involved once you start needing to make multiple trips to the hospital - Nothing too complicated, it doesn't matter all that much which order you get the passengers in, although you should be careful about going for the further away passengers first if you aren't sure you're going to be able to make it there in time. I'd suggest just taking a quick look at the map at the beginning of each level and group the passengers in threes, and collect them like that. What you don't really want to happen is for there to end up being two passengers at opposite ends of the map, with the hospital in between as you'll be taking longer than necessary.


I've never tried completing Paramedic in Angel Pine at the beginning of the game but visiting other islands at that point in the game gives you a 4 Star Wanted Level, which I assume is the same in Angel Pine as you need to pass a bridge to reach it, and completing Paramedic with a 4 Star Wanted Level will make things more difficult, even if Angel Pine seems like the simpler area to do it in.

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When it comes to the later levels (generally about 5 or 6 onwards) I usually pause and take a quick peek at how far away some are. Even though I know the city like the back of my hand I was still caught out by some passengers who chose some unfortunate alleyways under the intersection to bleed to death. To save face I went down into Ganton which is only two bridges away to give myself enough time to venture further north towards Mulholland. The furthest I've had to deal with in the opposite direction is a couple of old ladies lingering outside the stadium which isn't too bad.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is 2 weeks old. I managed to complete it over Glen Park, just to let everybody know you are NOT able to complete it over Angel Pine at the very beginning of the game, it works just as VC does at the beginning, you can't do it at Mainland, only at Ocean and Washington beach. You may start the paramedic missions but the patients wouldn't appear anywhere.

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