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100% completion before the last mission .


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Recently I repaired my old PSP, and one of the games I wanted so badly to play was Vice city stories. But I'm a bit confused, first of all I achieved 100% completion , without the side mission Skywolf , and before the last mission , I finished the Vigilante side mission, and it gave me 100% completion. As I remember , the last time I played the game , I had to do the last mission in order to get 100% completion. Has anyone else experienced this ?

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All the time. It has something to do with an Empire Site and Hostile Takeover. I don't know the exact cause of it, but it WAS explained by a Forum Member named Arsen Vitiuk in a Topic I believe he created, but perhaps it was just a Comment in an already made Topic by someone else. I read it over a year ago...


You CAN do the game (with the knowledge) where Skywolf will be what gives you 100%, but you can also do the game (again, with the knowledge of why this happens) where you can skip Skywolf all together and reach 100%. Strange how you mention this and make a Topic about it since I just got 100% today in a new VCS Save and reached 100% also WITHOUT Skywolf, but this isn't new to me. It happens often. 50% of the time I reach 100% after Last Stand and the other 50% of the time, I have to do Skywolf after Last Stand for 100%...


It's also true for all Versions, PSP and PS2...


Fact of the matter is, YOU didn't do anything wrong. The game is just a glitch factory of sorts when it comes to the percentage. I believe some bug exists where you can't reach 100%, as well. Glitchy mess...



Edited by MorsPrincipiumEst
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If i had known this , I would've skipped the Hover races, or one of them at least, because those side missions are just extremely hard .

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