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San Andreas Strategy Guide versions


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I consider to buy a strategy guide of San Andreas.

I saw that their are two different versions: PS2 and XBOX & PC. Is one version is better then the other?



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lil weasel

If you want to waste your money buy one.

The Versions have to do with the Control keys & buttons used to run the game.

Guides have "mistakes" printed in them so that the publisher can detect plagiarized material, in other guides and web sties.


Unless you are a collector, give it a pass by using your computer to find web pages that contain the same information.

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Yeah, there's really no reason to buy these unless you're a collector. All information you need can be found by searching these forums. Game guides like that are only really helpful to people that have literally never played the game, and don't know the controls and stuff. The caliber of information you find there will be the same as the information pickups you can find around the game.

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Igor Bogdanoff

I think the difference is in pictures and informations. You know PS2 version was written before actual release, so it contains some of the beta material and misinformations due to changed done later to the game. PC&xbox will probably have pictures replaced with PC&xbox one and those informations fixed.

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The only purpose of buying it would be because of the PS2 version for minor beta elements.



You can simply download it from the Internet.


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I'm a collector so that's why I'm buying it. I just wanted to know what has more value.

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lil weasel

As a Collector you must buy Both/All of them.

Value will depend on how many survive, and what the future demands will be.

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