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/r/GTAForums on Reddit

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What the f*ck is /r/gtaforums?
There is a website called Reddit where people can share links, images or text posts within different "subreddits", or subpages, depending on the subject of your post.

Each subreddit begins with /r/ because the url of the subreddit is always www.reddit.com/r/{SubredditName}. So GTAForums is simply a subreddit on Reddit dedicated to discussing noteworthy posts, topics and dare I say, drama, of this here forum. It's like a highlight reel for the forums!

A subreddit is only as good as its content though, so I encourage existing redditor to pay a visit, share something interesting you've seen on the forum and participate!

But why?
After visiting Reddit on a regular basis over the past 6 years or so, I found myself visiting GTAF less and less, visiting occasionally to see what's new. On my recent visit here, I wondered what a combination of GTAF and reddit would mean, and realised its potential for a "Best of GTAF" aggregator. So I spent a bit of time emulating the forum styling and knocked up a decent looking subreddit for those who frequent both websites.

I understand there may be a certain animosity towards Reddit and their users, but if you aren't keen, think of the site as more of a tool to share stuff rather than participating in the larger Reddit site.

How do I participate?
Simply sign up for a Reddit account if you haven't already, find a comment or post who'd like to share and grab it's URL, click on "Submit a Link" and paste in your URL along with a short description explaining your post as the title.

Any questions?
I'll be happy to answer them! Edited by Ottae
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Seems redundant when you already have a forum with thousands of users. Plus browsing two websites isn't that much of a hassle, but you do you.

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Sorry, no advertising topics. Feel free to add a link to your signature, though.

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