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Evil empire

Extra sub-missions that would bring more fun

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Evil empire

Hello everybody!

Don't you find it too bad there are so few sub-missions you can play in GTA 3 especially when you see how boring the paramedic one is?

So here are some sub-missions that would have made the game even more interesting:

Burglary: by taking a van you can steal things in the houses to make money. Various markers appear close to upper, middle and lower class houses, sometimes you will make much money by robbing a lower class house, some other times the owners are there, you get wanted stars and need to reach the pay and spray as fast as possible.

Ice-cream dealer: like in Vice City while driving a Mr Whoopee you sell drug-filled cherry ice creams in the streets and get wanted stars when you stay still for a while.
Contrary to Vice City you also have the opportunity to make big deliveries in some places with a limited timer to earn more money in a shorter time. Sometimes you would have some unexpected events:
-the order is a trap and the client tries you steal your cargo by attacking your vehicle with cars. You need to heavily damage your attackers' car or get away enough so they can't keep tracking you.
-a psychopath has put a bomb inside of your truck. Get in 8balls workshop as fast as possible so he neutralizes it.

Pimping: like in San Andreas you have 2 prostitutes to drive to the clients, sometimes a client attacks the prostitute or refuses to pay and you need to use your persuasion skills.
Contrary to San Andreas the bad client won't always run away but attack you with a more or less dangerous weapon or call some back-up.

Subway and elevated train driver: like in San Andreas you have a certain time to reach the next station, if you drive too fast the train derails and you need to brake a long distance from the station to stop on the marker.
Contrary to San Andreas you would have some unexpected events from time to time like
-a psychopath is planting a bomb on the railway, drive fast enough and hit him before he has time to activate it!
-someone is in danger on the railway, slow down so the person has time to reach a shelter

Trashmaster: you need to collect some garbage and bring it in the junkyard with some unexpected events from time to time:
-you picked some illegal stuff dropped by a wanted outlaw, the police thinks you're his accomplice, get to the pay and spray fastly
-someone unwillingly threw things of value among its rubbish and wants to get it back.Give it back to them and take the risk they throw you out of the truck and make the mission fail or bring it to your safehouse and get rid of them by heavily damaging your attackers' car or get away enough so they can't keep hunting you.

Do you have other ideas?

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Burglary: There wouldn't be any external problems outside it, but I don't think it would fit much in the III theme also it would be another money-grinder in a game like III where the money actually means nothing.


Ice-cream dealer: Do you know that most part of the game is based in putting the SPANK (main drug) out of bussiness? This isn't Vice City where Tommy is a drug dealer. You would be just creating a plot twist.


Pimping: Maybe, working for Luigi's club may do the trick but then it would become irrelevant as Claude is betrayed by the Leones. Probably the most decent option you're offering.


Subway: It sounds like another annoying and broke sidemission from the 3d era like paramedic, (the train mission from SA was cat sh*t as it was just touching the W key.) Also irrelevant.


Trashmaster: No, the LCS sidemission was a pain in the neck just like every 3d era sidemission. I can imagine people struggling to loose the cops in a slow-ass vehicle like the Trashmaster.


I couldn't understand what you wrote below.

Edited by SMACKED!

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Evil empire

Where did I write you would deal SPANK with the ice-creams? 43.gif


I don't care whether my sub-missions match the scenario, I just imagine things that would increase the length of life of the game.



I hope the next posters are more tolerant than you and will do more interesting things than denigrating my ideas because they don't match their tastes. 43.gif

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I always thought money was more of a unique "Point Scoring" system when i was a kid. As it doesn't really have much relivence

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most of the ideas are good but only if you have where to spend your money. In GTA 3 you always collect huge amount of mone in no time and then you cant spend it

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Evil empire

You can always use it to buy weapons after you got busted or wasted.


Given the way your money increases compared to Vice City and San Andreas you need to be very patient to reach the billion-limit.

Edited by Evil-Empire

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Having special vehicle access would be more of a perk than simply receiving a pay-out. Take the taxi missions for example - I was thrilled to have unlocked the Borgnine taxi. I didn't care about the money, I just wanted a different colour car to pootle around it. I'm easily pleased.

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Great Britain

I'm easily pleased.



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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