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GTA 5 LSPDFR Viruses?


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Hi so i recentlaly downloaded and installed LSPDFR ( a gta 5 mod) because i thought it was safe. I did research on it to see if it was infected or not and i didnt really see anything that told me it wasnt safe. Every thread i saw said that any viruses detected were false positives or something and that it was just anti virus acting up to the auto installer. My anti virus sure did say that there was malware, and even virustotal said it too. Somethings wrong, obviously, i found a video saying that the devs were trolling by implementing "Fake" viruses into one of the file versions. He then began to contridict himself over over again in the youtube comments, so that left be a bit confused. Anyway, is this just a bug with the auto installer and i should manually install? Or is this actually an issue and I might have a virus. I uninstalled all the lspdfr stuff and deleted all files, running a antivirus scan right now. I can always re install if i discover that the files are safe. But im scared that I might already be infected. What do i do? I deleted the files but i could be comprimised, since i installed the whole thing. what do i do? Is the program safe?




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ask typical gamer aka andre where he got the mod because he sure didn't have virus when he live streamed with that many times! just in case don't install those files you got but ask from top game modder where to download!

Edited by ACM-Jan
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LSPDFR should be safe; you downloaded it from the official site right?


I must say, I haven't tried it in a few months so who knows if something fishy is afoot because you really can't tell.


That being said, LSPDFR is supposed to be just fine, its a long time standing project since GTA IV.


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last time i saw this in gta san andreas game crashed a lot with this mod and typical gamer streams showed unstable crashing at script menus in gta 5 as well

Edited by ACM-Jan
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As long as you downloaded it from the official LSPDFR site it's safe - http://www.lcpdfr.com/lspdfr/i have never had any virus or malware from downloads on their site.


If you downloaded it from anywhere but their site do a virus scan and clean your computer and then download from the official site

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