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Official GTA V Appreciation Thread

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Started w/ PS3, still playing w/ PS4.  Played a lot of golf this past weekend and walked around listening to npc conversations.

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Got the game on release for PS3 back in 2013, in huge anticipation of course. Through the years I’ve mostly been an Online player, though I’ve played through SP twice (once on current gen too), back in 2014-2015. Loved it, but IV still holds a special place in my heart. Not to mention Vice City, San Andreas, III, well, all of them really. But anyway!


Since then I haven’t touched the SP campaign more than goofing around for a bit before logging off or so. And a couple days ago, after signing off Online, I brought up the SP pause menu, and the music while in the SP pause menu just got to me. It’s mostly been in the backnoise for me through all these years, and now (maybe because it’s Sept-Oct again, 5 years later), it brought me back to when I first got my hands on the SP campaign. Wow. Memories. And what a great soundtrack by R* and Tangerine Dream!!


It might also be because I’m at the moment hugely excited about RDR2 and the atmosphere just got to me somehow. Amazing, anyway!

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There really needs to be more appreciation for the voice actors. Almost every character sounds great and it makes them much more memorable. Especially with the well written dialouge and the background music. Hearing this play accompanied by the flashbacks while Michael is driving to the Ludendorff cemetery is one of my favorite moments.


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