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[STNC]Stance Crew International[PC]

Recommended Posts




















Things to remember before joining

1.Weapons of any kind are prohibited during official car meets (Exception: Flashlights)|


2.Do not climb over vehicles or damage any non-personal vehicle


3.Do not bring cops in the meet (Use the "Kill Yourself" feature to evade the cops)


4.Poor connectivity to the session may interrupt other players (Enter "Passive Mode" to avoid collisions)


5.Always keep the STNC crew tag by setting it as your active crew at all times


6.No crew hopping. Members who are in other crews aside from STNC, RTSC or AWSC will be kicked or demoted


7.No crew killing, better add each other up in game so that you will see who is your friend on the mini-map


8.Joining our Discord channel is a must because it will be our primary means of communication (In-game chat system can sometimes be buggy and even though your voice chat is set to friends or crew only, there may be instances where random players could still hear you)




10.Last but not least we have zero tolerance on modding anyone found doing this is kicked instantly RULES


Registration Form



Timezone: (UTC 8:00+ Manila Time)(Example)

Knowledge about Car Culture: Yes/No/Not Much

Favorite Car Brand:



Being an A-hole in GTAO: Yes/No


Edited by STANCE.Devastator

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IGN: Cyksxy
Timezone: (UTC 8:00+ Manila Time)
Knowledge about Car Culture: Not Much
Favorite Car Brand: Subaru
Country: Philippines
Age: 20
Involvement in Motorsports:No


Edited by Cyx00

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IGN: Marlon Carvalio

Timezone: (GMT-3 Brazil Time)

Knowledge about Car Culture: Yes

Favorite Car Brand: Toyota (Supra)

Country: Brazil

Age: 19

Being an A-hole in GTAO: No

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