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[REL|V] .NET - Sector X Army Missions Pack


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This mod is fully voiced and there are 9 missions focusing on the SKULLHOUND terrorist storyline from start to end.
New gunrunning DLC music will play though out the missions
Change Log 2.0.1:
bug fix for mission 9
Join a government agency known as sector x and complete top secret missions for them.
Go To the X icon just outside the army base, Stand in the yellow marker and press J to start the mod.

SKULLHOUND Storyline 9 missions:

-Training Mission 1: INTRO A Training Program That Simulates a Terrorist invasion at the army base.

-Mission 2: A sector x agent gives you, your first mission to kill all invading terrorists and their leader in the countryside area.

-Mission 3: infiltrate a terrorist base located just off the coast and eliminate all terrorists and secure the base.

-Mission 4: Objective is to get intel on the epsilon to prove they are helping terrorists, but something goes wrong.

-Mission 5: Escape from The Terrorists Prison and base.

-Mission 6: Eliminate the terrorist threat in the city of los santos.

-Mission 7: Terrorists are planning to release toxic chemicals over the city, you must stop them and secure the chemical weapon.

-Mission 8: Terrorists Invades Fort Zancudo And SX49 Must Stop Them In A Big Rhino Tank Battle

-Mission 9: sector x gets intel of a terrorist base and you are sent there to kill the terrorist leader to end SKULLHOUND for good!

Important Put the folder "SectorXAudio" in local disk C:\
example how it should be: C:\SectorXAudio\
Put SectorXMissions.dll file in GTA V "scripts" folder
Put SectorXProps.dll file in GTA V "scripts" folder
Put NATIVEUI.DLL file in GTA V "scripts" folder

ScriptHook V
ScriptHook V Dot Net
Windows Media Player

Mod By ShadowCoderKing/SpiderMight


Download Missions Pack: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/sector-x-army-mission-one-terrorists-in-the-country-net

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v2.00 full version is being worked on, it will have 9 missions all focusing on the terrorist SKULLHOUND storyline, there will be no more missions for that one after that.

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UPDATE: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/sector-x-army-mission-one-terrorists-in-the-country-net


Change Log: Quality Update v1.6.3 BETA:
this mod now has over ten thousand lines of code in the script.
This mod now requires NATIVEUI.DLL
Added the proper mission passed text to appear after completing a mission.
Enemy blips on the radar now disappear instantly when the enemy dies.
Added the new gunrunning music to all the missions.
various bug fixes and improvements to the missions.


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