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Lost King's MC [LKMC]


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PSN Crew (PS4) - LS Lost King's.



http://www.lkgta.webs.com (Under construction)


Cutty Christmas Instagram



TheWordIsMarc Instagram



Cutty Christmas YouTube



TheWordIsMarc YouTube



Social Club



Welcome, I want you offer you the opportunity of joining a Motorcycle Club that has been... Around the block a few times. To say the very least.


We would like to extend you the offer, of trying us out. See if you have what it takes to become a King amongst the Lost.


We've been around for four years at this point, And we don't plan on going anywhere.


We operate club business and do events. We stream footage onto YouTube and even do a fiction series which includes Alot of non fictional events as a template basis.




1.Mics are preferred but not essential as we don't always use microphones. In fact we can do just fine if you're a silent player. As long as you communicate via GTA Texting, Messaging or best for us.. Skype.


2.We use Skype as a day to day communication. Even when we're not in action we are talking about something or other. Building real relationship solidifies trust and respect and we pride ourselves on that.


3.Know your role, Respect your superiors and put in work. Prove you've got what it takes to earn and keep your spot.


And Ofcourse the simplicity of following what has to be said by superiors, attending any meetings.


Accepting RP Lovers, Like Minded MC Lovers and Pure Muscle. Whether you're down to be in the ranks and be a permanent fixture or just an occasional muscle rider, Please just let your intentions be known when joining


We're adult and mature. We measure you by your maturity and not purely on your age. We love a joke as much as the next guy. But screaming, pissing, moaning and mowing down club members over and over, over dumbsh*t.. We can't be sympathetic over.




Come Fly with us. We may be lost... But we're Still King's! 👑


Please fill out a format form OR

Just answers these questions :-



Preferred Name For Reference :

Age :

Sex :

Previous Crew Experience :

Timezone :

Skills :

Anything We Should Known :

Intentions (Full Time / Muscle) :

Play Times :

About Yourself :

Edited by TheWordIsMarc
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Events and streams actively running.

Catch them on youtube.


Meeting coming 5/5/17, Next LK Event for more RP Users.

Those looking to be more dedicated to the club.

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Cutty Christmas

^^ Marc meant 6/5 meet today at 5 est on PS4.


PSN. LK_Cutty

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