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Car mod replacing in GTA SA help


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Hi guys. It made the most sense to open up a topic here, but if I opened it up in the wrong place, I'd appreciate if admins could move it to the co-responding subforum then.


So, here's what I need help with. A coupe of years ago, I replaced a ton of cars in GTA SA game I had then with a real life car mods I downloaded from gtaall site. Back then, the files I downloaded were txd and dff files which I only needed to replace in gta3img with the IMGTOOL program and I'd be all set.


However, today I decided to put some car mods into my GTA SA again, but this time, when I downloaded a few car mods from the gtaall site, all I see in every rar file I download are two files, some mmrc file and an exe file. I've never seen that and I don't know what to do with them as there are no readme files. For example, this is the car mod I'd really like to import in the game - https://www.gtaall.com/gta-san-andreas/cars/72725-nissan-skyline-r-34-gt-r-v-spec-1999-tunable.html. But, there are only the two files I just named. Can someone explain to me step by step how to install that kind of car mods that doesn't provide txd and dff files but exe file and mmrc file? I'm reluctant to start the exe file in the folder because I'm not sure if i could be triggering a virus or something?

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Under [DOWNLOAD] there is 'download the zip-file without installer'. :)

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