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I can't unlock the "Cap the Collector" mission


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I have, and have completed, all the assets (Boatyard, Cherry Popper, Pole Position, Kaufman Cabs, Sunshine Auto, InterGlobal Studio, Print Works, Malibu Club and Phils Place). I just finished "Boomshine Saigon" with Phil, and I've already completed "Keep Your Friends Close". Not sure what else I'm missing, I've tried checking around the web but haven't found anything helpful. Any suggestions?

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You played Cap the collector before Keep your friends close. 31.gif


except that I'm pretty sure I didn't. I just watched a video walk-through, and it doesn't look familiar. I recall finishing Hit The Courier, then waiting for the next Print Works mission, and nothing came up. At one point I finished a mission (I don't recall which one specifically) and received more than one phone call back to back. One told me to get to the Mansion, and when I got there the "Keep Your Friends Close" mission was ready to. I didnt make out the other phone calls because I had my stereo on and didn't really care, but there was never a prompt to start that mission at the Print Works. I guess it's no big deal, if that's the end of the story missions, but I'm really sure I did not complete the Cap The Collector mission and there's no one who has access to my PS3.

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You for sure don't remember because Cap The Collector triggers after you have 7/9 assets completed, including the PW. Then this mission triggers a phone call from Lance asking you to come at the mansion. It's a mandatory and kinda basic mission so maybe you just played through it w/o really paying attention.

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It's simply not possible to do Keep Your Friends Close... without doing Cap The Collector. There are no "wacky" copies of the game floating around with a different SCM. Either you're trolling or you truly did forget. It only takes a few minutes to do if you've learned the ropes by that point.

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  • 4 weeks later...
Fluxion Cavalier

You need to buy all the properties 'foo.


If you've already beaten Keep Your Friends Close... then you've beaten the game. You have to complete Cap the Collector before you can start Keep Your Friends Close... Maybe you did it once, and forgot about it?

Edited by Fluxion Cavalier
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  • 6 months later...

Hi, if your reading this, I'm most likely dead. But don't worry, if you haven't completed the mission by now, then here's what you have to do.


-Complete 5 assets (excluding Phil's Place and Printworks)

-You must have $100,000 or more to start


The 5 assets usually include the following:


-Pole Position

-Kaufman Cabs


-Cherry Poppers

-Interglobal Films


*you can buy more assets if you would like thus making you more money in the process, just remember to have the right amount to purchase said items


*the Printworks is still part of the storyline so you have to complete it alongside Phil's Place


And another thing, you also need to complete all the Vercetti estate missions in order to unlock Cap the collector and the final mission, Keep your friends close

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  • 3 weeks later...

You need to have 5 assets or 6 if i remember, completed. After that, Luigi is going to call you, that are problems at the 'Print Work', your're gonna go to that location, to that mission, after that, Lance is going to call, to do the last mission. 'Keep your Friends Close'. I hope that i helped you! :D

Edited by DaViD0311
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