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Homemade Dynamite

Worst album by your favorite artist/band and why?

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Homemade Dynamite

I had to make a topic about this because I wanted to see what other bad albums by the bands the members of GTAForums like exists.


The reason I made this was because One More Light by Linkin Park is fresh on my mind, and I need to share this with others and see what other artists have fallen so hard. It is, no question, without a shout of a doubt, the worst album they have ever made. It's the only album I flat-out hate. It's so bad that gives me a new appreciation for their other material that I thought I didn't like before, like Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns. At least those albums were rock, and were still recognizable as being LP.


This marks the point where Linkin Park sold out, no question about it. There is no integrity, there is no effort. They don't even sound like themselves. They sound like The Chainsmokers, but more forgettable. The guitar is barely there, the drums sound programmed, I'm not even sure if Mr. Hahn is even in the album, there's only one song with rapping in it (and it's the only song to feature the Chester/Mike combo), the production is bland, the lyrics are generic, and it's not even a rock album. In fact, just look at the people who co-wrote and co-produced it, they're the people who do Top 40 music. Remember when LP wrote songs all on their own? Oh, and did I mention the album closer is a country song?


I'm scratching my head wondering how this was supposed to appeal to their fans. Mainly because, the only audience this seems to have made for were tween and teen girls. Considering that these guys are now in their 40s, it comes off to me as rather pathetic. They're known for mixing rap and rock, and when there's hardly any of both, that's a problem. The funny thing is, I'm still going to see them live later this year on their tour. Obviously, it's for their non-OML material, and I'll groan whenever they play something from that album.


Anyways, my personal ranting aside, what are the worst albums from your favorite artists and bands, and why? I would like to see what your thoughts are.

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Femme Fatale

I had to make a topic about this because I wanted to see what other bad albums by the bands the members of GTAForums like exists.

You had to, or you wanted to? :p

The reason I made this was because One More Light by Linkin Park is fresh on my mind

But you just said that it was because you "wanted to see what other bad albums by the bands the members of GTAForums like exists."

and I need to share this with others

You need to, or you wanted to? :p


Now that I'm done teasing you, here's my favorite band's worst album.




Macabre is such an awesome band, and imho, the greatest metal band in existence. I love their sick sense of humor, and violent/pervy lyrics. Also, their line-up has remained unchanged since their genesis, together 'till the end. But Grim Scary Tales is a very meh album, only a few songs are great(The Ripper Tramp From France & The Black Knight ftw), while the rest are passable. Although it does contain a p dope cover of Countess Bathory by Venom. Oh yeah, there is one thing I love about it.


These lyrics.

"Gilles De rais was the man

Who cut up the French children

What Gilles De Rais would do then

Is masturbate on their organs"

Lol, it never gets old.


So yeah, that's their worst album(so far).

Edited by Achlys

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Cryptic Writings - Megadeth


Any Offspring Album after Ixnay on the Hombre


I don't have a favorite band but Megadeth and Offspring have some songs that I really love. If I were to pick one favorite band it would be Days of the New but everything they do I love. Even Travis Meeks's solo work is godlike despite him being a meth addict.

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Great topic.


It's difficult for me to choose, so I'll choose two albums that come from two different perspectives.


Worst album commercially:




Queen were at their highest point in 1980-81. They released their most successful single in the US with Another One Bites The Dust, among other charting topping hits including Crazy Little Thing Called Love and (less so) Play the Game and Save Me. Additionally, they released a now cult favorite soundtrack to the Flash Gordon movie. But as Freddie Mercury once said, when you're on top the only other way is down. And that couldn't be truer with their 1982 album Hot Space.


Initially Queen weren't keen on doing funk/disco. But after the encouragement of Michael Jackson they released Another One Bites The Dust as a single in 1980. And it was arguably their biggest hit considering the fact it not only broke the rock charts, but also the black/funk charts. It was HUGE. Tasting this success, Freddie Mercury thought that taking the band further into the black/funk genre would be appropriate. Brian May, the guitarist wasn't too keen, as he wanted to keep rock at the foundation. Roger Taylor was very skeptical as well, but went with it, even writing a dance track (Action This Day) for the album. John Deacon was surprisingly keen and followed suit with Freddie Mercury, writing an infectious tune called Back Chat. Reportedly, the band were at odds with one another during the recording process. It was often the case that they were not recording together. One guy would record a part, then go out to a bar just as another guy got home from a trip to record their parts.


The first half of the album is largely disco/funk. The second half is more akin to classic Queen (rocker track, ballad, and even a riveting duet with David Bowie ;)). But fans were outraged that their band went so headstrong into funk. On one hand, this album didn't sound like Queen, but on the other hand, Queen were always known for trying different genres out. But this was special in that they nearly redefined themselves as a funk band. But as Freddie Mercury said in a concert supporting the new album, it's only an album. But regardless, the album flopped like a f*cking fish. Queen hit a record low and it took them a bit to recuperate and release a follow up album. Eventually they reached the top again, but they had a casualty they'd never recover from. The United States of America. After this album, the band never returned to the states. Well, not until after Freddie died anyway. There are other factors why the band lost their fanbase in the states, but this is where it all started. Hot Space.


My personal least favorite album:




Firstly, I don't hate this album. Because I actually like many of the tracks. You can't really go wrong with tracks like Fat Bottomed Girls, Bicycle Race, and Don't Stop Me Now. The problem is the production. The drums on this album sound like Roger Taylor is hitting tin cans. He sounds small, which is a huge disgrace to an immensely talented drummer. The album sounds...metallic. It's difficult to put into words. It doesn't sound as authentic. You can tell it was recorded in a studio. I prefer albums where it sounds live even if everyone recorded separately.


Also, they could have cut some songs. There are 13 tracks, and they don't even run very well sequentially. The album feels disjointed. There are several tracks in a row that really f*cking rock. But then there are some softer, more gentle (a little funky too) tracks that run on for too long. You don't really get back to the top of the roller coaster, if you know what I mean. This was odd because the band were usually great at arranging their songs in a good order. You know, first tracks knocks your socks off, then they sneak a delicate ballad, but then gradually build to the next climax. Not the case with this album. Also, they could have stuck songs like Let Me Entertain You first. Lyrically it would have been better suited.


Even the band agrees this was one of their weaker efforts. Which is strange, because they had Roy Thomas Baker as their producer. He helped the band record albums like Sheer Heart Attack and A Night at the Opera. For a little while the band produced themselves, but decided to reunite with their old friend once more. Unfortunately, I think Baker was trying to make Queen sound more like The Cars (who he was working with just previously). Wrong move! But hey, it was still very successful. Thanks to the hit singles that came out of it.

Edited by Queen
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