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Police scanner app?


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Assuming the next GTA game takes place in the present (which I pray to god it isn't), smartphones are obviously going to have some kind of relevance. That being said, would it be a good idea for there to be an app on that phone to enable the police scanner? We all know the police scanner's been a thing in just about every GTA game to let the player know that the police are onto them and what their next move is going to be, but it just gets pretty annoying after a while. That said, why not have the police scanner only work via an app in the next game on the protagonist's phone? Not only it could be turned on or off depending on how annoying or useful it would be, it could also be left on and you could hear the funny banter that would play over the police radio like there was in VC and SA.

What do you guys think, yay or nay?

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Apps were more of a Watch_Dogs 2 feature, but it would be a cool idea, not only because it would be an useful app and would give more stuff to do on the game's internet, but because we would be able to play with the scanner off, not knowing where cops are being dispatched from without looking at the map (unless you enter a cop car), it's like every GTA character can read the police scanner's signals with his mind. I also wouldn't mind other apps that do other things, useful or not, like Trackify could track things like weapons, armor and collectables near the player (when open on the phone or it would be kinda OP), etc.

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