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Another Loser Glitch


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This isn't really a glitch, more of just a stuff up.


I was in the Coach going through Little Haiti and I had 3 cops stars. I ran over a tyre popper thing and all of the tyres popped, then I hit a fence and got stuck and couldn't move. Then the cops blew up the coach but it didn't kill me, I was still stuck in the coach and couldn't get out and the cops were still shooting at me, I had to use the suicide cheat to get out.


Has this happened to anyone else.

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Yeh it happened to me once.

I was in the patriot in Phils mission where theres all those guys on scooters.

They blew up my car and I was still alive but invisible and couldnt get out.

No cars went past either. Or people.

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it happend to me in the skimmer,i flew into a building and i couldent bail,so i went dow with it,it blew and i had 13% health,so i pumped it bck up,couldent die,so i raised my wanted level and a barracks trusk hit it and it killed me :(

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