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GTA IV Decisions

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Hey guys. This topic is about the decisions you make in GTA IV.


There's three HOT decisions in GTA IV Niko has to make.


The first one is killing Playboy X or Dwayne in The Holland Play.

-Killing Dwayne :

After Dwayne is executed by Niko,he will call Playboy X to inform him about Dwayne's death. Playboy will then give money to Niko,and he will never talk to Niko again.He then calls Roman, and tells him about the events.Roman tries to cheer Niko up with the money of the assassination. Reward : $25000


-Killing Playboy X

If the player chooses to kill Playboy X,Niko will pay him a visit in his loft.There,Playboy X will be waiting with a few Hustlers,armed.

"-I was thinking,maybe Dwayne is not the problem..."

"-Motherf*cker! You think you can touch this sh*t? You think I got here by letting little B*tches like you f*ck with me? I own you! Nobody owns ME!"

-Niko's conversation with Playboy X


Playboy X will start running down,while his goons shoot at Niko,but Niko kills them and then follows Playboy X into an alley.


"-You didn't change the game,the game changed YOU."

-Niko to Playboy X,before killing him.


After Playboy is gunned down,Niko will call Dwayne and tell him that the job is done. Dwayne will greet him and give Niko the keys to Playboy's safehouse.Soon,Niko will receive an e-mail from Dwayne,where he can choose if he wants to hang out with him or not.If Niko gets a high friendship with Dwayne,then Dwayne can send backup Hustlers to Niko.


In my opinion,it is better to kill Playboy X,because the rewards from Dwayne are better.






The Second Decision is Killing Derrick or Francis.

-Niko,sometime after is asked by Francis to kill Derrick McReary.Niko has to think about it.

Killing Francis

Niko is given the option to either kill Francis or Derrick. If the player kills Francis,he will receive nothing.He will be thanked by Derrick and Niko will feel happier.


Killing Derrick

If Niko chooses to Kill Derrick,he will receive $10,000 from Francis,(or $20,000 if he negotiates with Niko in the phone). Killing Derrick will make Niko feel angry about Francis. If you kill Derrick,you will be given the ability to remove wanted level until Out of Comission/A Revenger's Tragedy.


My opinion,killing Derrick brings more benefit to the player.So I go with that. :colgate:



The Third and HOTTEST decision is Dealing or Killing Dimitri Rascalov.


Later in the game Niko is asked by Jimmy Pegorino to have a deal with Dimitri Rascalov,who he had history with.Later,Niko receives a call from Roman saying that Dimitri is leaving LC in the Platypus.


Killing Dimitri

If you revenge on Dimitri,you will have to invade his ship and execute him with his whole gang.In this mission you have no reward.Later in the game,Kate will be killed by Pegorino as a due to Dimitri's death.Niko then gets Revenge on Pegorino. Killing him will give you $250.000$


Dealing with Dimitri

If you choose deal,then you will again be backstabbed by Dimitri and be trapped with Phil Bell in a compound.Once you complete this mission,which is about taking the deal money and get outta there,your reward will be $250.000.Later in the game,Dimitri will send an assassin to kill you,but kills Roman instead.Then you will revenge on Dimitri.


In my opinion,choosing the revenge is the best decission,that way you can save Roman.If you choose Deal,you will lose Roman and then eventually you'll lose Kate too(breakup).




I hope this was helpful :)



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Revenge is the best ending imo. I took that ending just because I wanted to save Roman.

And yes, this will be helpful to first time players

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Yes. It's very helpful to first time players.

I wish I had this topic when I first played the game hshshsh.

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Thanks mate, now I found out why Kate does not answer my calls :)

(Btw my second time finishing the game, at first saved Roman.)

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Yeah.. The Revenge is better than deal. I just like Romam so much... And I never cared about Kate...

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Lance Mayhem

Killed Derrick the first time through. Thought it would put less heat on Niko.


On my second time, I was going to kill Francis. Looking at his character, though, it seemed to me like taking out Derrick was pretty much a mercy killing, so I did that again.



Playboy annoyed me from the beginning, and killing him also seemed more in character with what Niko would do, based on things he said in cutscenes. 



Deal was never an option. I couldn't see Niko going for that, so I chose Revenge. 



None of these decisions were based on the reward. 

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