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Mature Car Meet + Street Racing Crew


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Backyard Tuners

Backyard Tuners Is A GTA + Forza Car Meet And Street Racing Crew Currently On Xbox One.

We Are Currently Recruitng For Active Members, To Learn More About What We Do, Read On.

What We Do:

Backyard Tuners (Or BYTS) Operates In A Fun But Professional Manner. We Complete CEO Missions To Help Members Gain The Resources They Need ( To Buy Vehicles, Outfits And Ammo.) BYTS Engages Occasionally In Lobby Takeovers, That Can Be Hectic, And Very Fun. We Host Various Different Meet Including Not Just Cars But Bikes Also. We Assist Struggling Members And Perfect Skills. Members Are Only Asked To Respect Those Who Are In The Crew But Also The Various Other Car Crews That We Play With. Our Main Goal Is To Have Fun. We Our Always Out And About Doing Stuff Like Phtotshoots And YouTube Videos. We Always Make Sure That Members Get The Best Out Of Being Part Of Our Crew And That Everyone Is Traeted Equally And Fairly.

Where We Are Based:

Mirror Park Is Our Home. The Police Department Know Who We Are And Are Always Trying To Find A Way To Get Us Locked Up. (Like That Would Ever Happen) We Always Meet And Chill At Someones Crib And The Cruise Around To See If Theres Anyone Knew Around.

Car + Bike Meets:

We Try And Host As Many Meets As Possible. Theres So Many People Out There That Have Such Beautiful Cars And We Wanna See Them All!

Why Join?:

BYTS Is A New Car Crew Which Means The Chances Of It Dying Our Very Slim. There Is Always Going To Be Something To Do. Grind For Cash To Get A New Turbo Upgrade Or To A Higher Level To Drop Your That Little Bit Lower. Backyard Tuners Is Not A Crew Where People Can Join And Show Off, Its A Fun And (Sometimes) Friendly Crew. There Is Members Active 24-7 And We Can Guarntee That You Will E njoy Being Apart Of What We Have Worked So Hard To Make.

Theres No Drama In This Crew. Anyone Who Needs To Be Kicked Will Be And Anyone Who Needs To Be Put In Their Place Will Be.

Respect Is Our No.1 Rule. Any Racist Comments Or ANyhting That Goes Over The Limit Will Result In Instant BAN.

New Car + Bike Players Are Welcome. We Will Dedicate Our Time In Helping You Perfect All The Necessary Skills To Become A Great And Talented Drive + Rider.


Respect As Mentioned Before Is Our no.1 Rule. Anyone Who Is Found To Be Disrespectful ie Passing Racist Comments Will Be Banned Instantly.

Have Fun And Enjoy Yourself.

How To Join:

The Best Way To Apply Is To Contact The Following Gamertag On Xbox One - Offxcial Ace.

What You Are To Add In Your Message Is The Following:

Why You Want To Join?

What Area You Would Like To Be In? ( Drifting, Street Racing, Drag Racing Photography.)

Age - Country - Rank


Rockstar Social Club Page

YouTube Channel

Instagram Page

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