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River God

Return to the Spirit World

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River God



Chapter 1: Is It Wrong To Miss Him


Even today, Chihiro still remembered her times in the Spirit World. Well, any ten year old would remember such an event.

Two years ago, Chihiro, her mother, and her father drove off onto a path, thinking it would be a short cut to their new home. Instead, it was indeed, a ticket for disaster, wonder, and magic. They walked through the city, following a delicious scent. Once they had found the source, they began pigging out, devouring all of the food. Chihiro ran off to meet a boy named Haku who insisted he had met her when she was younger. He warned her she had to leave the city before night. Chihiro failed at this, after finding her parents to have turned into pigs, literally.

Chihiro got a job at the local bathhouse from the mean owner, Yubaba. Once meeting Haku, along with two other spirits, Lin and Kamaji, Chihiro traveled to meet Yubaba's twin sister. Her mission was set to save the injured Haku by returning the gold seal he had stole from Yubaba's sister, Zeniba

Zeniba had welcomed Chihiro and her friends and accepted Haku's apology. Haku had helped Sen remember her real name which was Chihiro, after Yubaba had stole it. After remembering past memories, Chihiro helped Haku remember his real name, which freed him. His real name had been Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi, also known as Haku, and he was the spirit of the Kohaku River. Haku made a deal with Yubaba which freed Chihiro and her parents. Then they returned to the human world. Chihiro hasn't seen Haku since. But he had promised they would see each other again.

It's been two years since that, and still, Chihiro can't stop thinking about Haku. She dreamed of them meeting again. With how impatient she truly was, this was a difficult task. Even with all the trouble that had occurred in the Spirit World, she still thought of it as her one and only home.

She missed the Spirit World more than anything. But, she seemed to miss Haku more. The Spirit World had been the most magical place she had ever seen. She dreamed of going there once again, but knew her parents wouldn't allow it. They, were the only thing standing in her way of visiting.

But she knew, even if she did visit, there was no guaranteeing she would be able to enter the world once again.

Chihiro's best friend Mei had been the only person who knew of her great adventure in the Spirit World. Mei had tried believing, but she couldn't. Who would? The only evidence Chihiro had of this world was the hair band Zeniba, No-Face, and Yubaba's son made for her. But Mei still understood, and enjoyed Chihiro's stories of this wondrous world.

Many times before, Mei had tried to convince her to run away to the Spirit World, but Chihiro just couldn't even if the bridge had been so close to her house.

Remembering all of these good memories always brought her to tears. She sometimes became furious at how Haku had told her they would soon meet again. But it had been two whole years since then.

Was Haku okay? Did he forget about me? Is he in trouble? It appears she would never discover the answers to any of those questions.

Maybe, one day she would. But for now, All Chihiro could do was cry, dream, and keep hope.

Edited by Hakuma

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River God

Chapter 2: Her Return



Chihiro jumped out of bed, startled from the nightmare she had.

It was terrible, Chihiro had returned to the Spirit World in her dream, to find Haku to have been dead.

Tears began rolling down her face. She hated the thought of even imagining Haku that way. She knew he was a fighter, and he was most likely still 'alive'. But, she needed to know for herself.

She looked over at her clock, seeing it was 12am.

"I might as well just try..."

Chihiro tied her hair up with the hair band No-Face and Zeniba had made for her two years ago. Then, she tiptoed out the door, hoping her parents wouldn't hear her.

She headed towards the path where she had driven down before. Determined, she ran as fast as she could down the path and through the narrow tunnel, being careful not to trip.

Once across, she ran to where the Kohaku River had once been.

To Chihiro's surprise, the river stood where the dried up piles of rocks and dust once stood. Obviously, A lot has changed since she had last been there. She sat beside the river, gazing into it. As usual, she began day dreaming of meeting Haku once again. Now that the river was here, he obviously returned at the rivers' spirit.

"Haku, Can you hear me?, I know I must seem crazy, coming back here just to see you. But I miss you and everyone in the Spirit World. How is Zeniba? How is No-Face? Or more importantly, how are you?"

Talking to herself, getting no response began eating at her. Soon she became furious.

"I came all the way out here! Running away from home to talk to you! And I get no response? I thought you were my friend Haku... I thought you cared about me."

Chihiro began crying, her tears falling into the river. With nothing else to do, she fell asleep right there, beside the Kohaku River.

Edited by Hakuma

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