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You know you've played too much GTA when IRL...

Recommended Posts

When you see a Smart Car and say "oh look, a Panto!". And your friends actually get the joke.

When every time you see the rear of a VW up! on the autobahn you fully expect to overtake a Smart car, because Panto.

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When you do something bad in the wilderness and you get surprised that a rabbit or deer has not called the police and reported you.

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when your in a parking lot and you look at all the cars and pick which car I would steal .


when people are terrible drivers and you just want to drive in front of them and pull them out of their car and beat them up.


when you replay the story and memorize the exact dialogue down to the letter and say it with them.


when you want your next vacation to be in the desert because of how awesome the desert is in gta.

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When right hand drive cars look really f*cking weird.


This happened me only the other day!


Playing too much GTA when you start making up fake radio adverts in your head for made-up products.

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When you think of parked cars as covers for a shoot out. (I thought of that many times and then remembering: Im not carrying a gun or an RPG and even if I would, I wouldnt respawn after cops kills me...)


When you have GTA soundtracks as MP3s on your car stereo. (I do and whenever theyre played I start driving more aggressively.)

Edited by CaptainMental
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When a song from the game plays on your radio while sitting in traffic....and you reach for your gun.


Or that 1 time I pulled out my phone and didn't recognize any of the contacts.

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When you hear a siren and wonder how many stars you have.


When you look at New York/Los Angeles and shout, "Look! It's Liberty City/Los Santos!"

Edited by StormBreaker
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When you're driving and expect people to cut you off / change lanes into you without warning.


When driving on the left side of the road feels wierd.


When you try to use the break to reverse.


When you find out theres a street near your area called Grove Street, and now want to live there just cos of its name.


When you dont wear purple because it's Ballas colours.

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When you crash your vehicle and realize you're not Franklin Clinton and you don't have a driving special ability.

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You start feeling paranoid if you stand next to someone expecting them to call the cops for no f*cking reason..


*cough*...GTA V

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