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Ghost Car Android


Go to solution Solved by Lethal Vaccine,

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Can I do the Ghost Car glitch using Taxi on android? I really want to do it successfully. And if I saved this to my garage, it'll still work? Can someone please answer everything?

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  • Solution
Lethal Vaccine

Nope. Only possible on Playstation, Xbox, and PC. Can't do this on Android or iOS. Instead, you need to use Mission Scripted Passengers. Any time you do a Story/Side Mission which gives you a passenger in your Vehicle to sit in the Front Seat of the Vehicle, that is the only way to make it a Ghost or DP.


You can read more about this stuff HERE.

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Sooooo its possible in missions only? And I heard it cannot be entered again once you leave. Is it true?

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, only in CERTAIN Story and Side Missions can you make a Ghost/DP Vehicle on Mobile. And yeah, if you leave the Ghost, you can't get back in. So you need to park it in the Garage as a Ghost and allow the Garage to close on it, which will make it a DP Vehicle and then you CAN enter it.

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Lethal Vaccine

Read the other Topic and you will find out...It's Damage Proof. Also known as Crash/Collision Proof. No matter how much you crash the Vehicle, it will never smoke, catch fire, or blow up...

Edited by MorsPrincipiumEst
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