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IG Airassault54

Insaniac Gaming -- Trouble in Terrorist Town

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IG Airassault54
So guys i have been in love with a gamemode on Garrysmod for the longest time called Trouble in Terrorist Town. Essentially its a mod for GMOD which is standalone and runs off source games where many different types of games can be played in GMOD.

TTT is one of the most fun and popular gamemodes besides Prop hunt and Roleplay.

Watch this video if you want to see what were trying to replicate.

This is Insaniac Gaming TTT


------Trouble in Terrorist Town GTA V Rules-----

Time limit will be 10-15 Minutes per round.

Each player will have only one life. Once the player is killed they must go to the designated area out of the arena or they must get out of the boundaries as fast as possible.

If you have been killed run with your fists out. All characters in play must have a weapon out at all times

KOS can be called by any player as long as they see proof of a innocent being killed.

False KOS is when a Traitor calls off a KOS--> if that innocent that got False KOS is killed by another innocent there is a chance it can cause RDM-- Innocents pay attention if a proven inno kills a innocent he is still proven. The person who called off the false kos should be KOS and not the person who killed the innocent for False KOS.

Traitors are not allowed to continue to False KOS unless there is a huge Disadvantage or they risk being caught etc.

There will be 4 roles/classes.

Game Warden-- 1 Person is assigned to Spectate / Watch the Game play out ( Usually IG Team Members ) This player will be in charge of pming player roles such as Detective and Traitor. The Game Warden and the Traitors are the only people who know who the traitors are.

Detective-- 1-4 players will play this role. The Detective has to find out who the traitors are. The detectives only trust other detective. If an innocent kills a traitor they are proven innocent and can work together with a detective. Detective can use other players to assist them but they run the risk of being stabbed in the back/killed.

Detectives are the only player that can search a body or the last physical location the player was at when they were killed. If the player was killed by a traitor the detective has 2 minutes to find the body or the exact location.. If the detective witnesses the kill but does not want to engage for the risk of being killed they can then go to that location search the body and find DNA on the killer.

The Detective then calls out a KOS on the traitor that killed that innocent.

The Detectives can also set up a Safehouse this where any proven player can go and detectives. Any player that is not proven and enters the safehouse can be killed on site. Detectives must have atleast one proven player before they can setup a safehouse.

Safehouses can be booby trapped by Traitors.

Detectives can not get DNA from Sniper Kills or Exploding kills

Innocent-- 60% or more will be innocent. The innocent players are on a mission to prove to detectives and other players they are truly innocent. Do good deeds to become proven innocent. If you are trying to prove yourself good it can lead to you being killed in the game. Traitors are always hunting for proven innocents and detectives.

Traitor-- 2-8 players will be selected as traitor-- The Traitors try there hardest to eliminate all non traitors. Traitors are not allowed to kill other traitors unless deemed necessary to kill all non remaining traitors( Such as suicide bomb-- Car bomb--IED-- Etc) Traitors are the only players allowed to use 1 explosive per match.( RPG must be fired from a long distance---Grenade Launchers are not allowed--- Proximity mines can only be placed once--- Sticky bombs can be placed once on a vehicle or once on a building or ground)

Traitors can use a car or ground vehicle.. If they are seen using one they can be Killed on Sight (KOS).

Traitor only weapons---> Combat PDW- MG --- Heavy Sniper --- Stabbing Weapons---Heavy Shotgun--- Molotovs-- Tear Gas---

Grenade= Suicide Vest

Pipe Bombs are not allowed

Traitorous acts are as followed-- Running from a body-- Shooting another player or harming them in any way-- Having out Traitor only weapons--Fist fighting is traitorous as well---Entering Detective only area-- Having Traitor Weapons--- Being in a car or ground vehicle

If all the traitors die the innocents win.. If all innocents or detectives die the traitors win

If you continue to kill innocents as inno or Traitors as Traitors and not follow the rules you will be kicked out of the game or you will be forced to sit out a round or two.

You must follow the game wardens messages. If you get invited to party by game warden please join without saying anything.. If you are not choosen to be a traitor more then 3 games in a row u will most likely be given it if u ask the game warden privately about it. All players will have a chance to be the game warden. Do not give out more roles then the Host/Admin declares. If you mess up as game warden u may be excluded from being game warden and loss of Traitor rounds.

Event will be hosted 1-2 times a week and every saturday at 7pm central-- We are starting up on 5/20/17 at 630 pm central.

Msg IG Airassault54 to get into the event

Also fill out the template (copy and paste)


Mic-Yes or No


I know this gamemode will work guys. I even did bloody Zombies in GTA V Online doing a custom gamemode. This will be alot of fun for anybody who comes.

This video is proof we can do almost any gamemode including Trouble in Terrorist Town on GTA V.

Edited by IG Airassault54

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Ghst Fenix

I'm relatively new to G-Mod however I'm definately interested in checking it out.

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IG Airassault54

I'm relatively new to G-Mod however I'm definately interested in checking it out.


Yea its not in GMOD its in GTA V just based off a gmod gamemode. Looking forward to playing with you. I found your account through your screen name on here. I will see you in a little while. Just msg me aswell.


Make sure you post your GT guys we do more then just TTT.

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