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Find Crew/Friends for Heists & Criminal Mastermind Challenge

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Hey guys,


I'm HeaveNHavoC and I'm trying to search for a crew or friends to assemble a team to do Heists and possibly go for the Criminal Mastermind Challenge.


I'm looking for nice, adult and patient people. Heists take time and dedication. And this is a game, we can have some fun time and go on a rampage in open lobbies. *cough*



-English Speaking - You don't need to speak fluent english. I'm not native either.

-Microphone and Teamspeak / Skype. Coordenation and communcation is everything.

-In-depth knowledge of all the Heists and requirements.

-If you have any questions or are not 100% familiar with the Criminal Mastermind Challenge requirements, check NeoLedah's in-depth guide.

http://gtaforums.com/topic/779754-criminal-mastermind-in-depth-guide/- Cheers to NeoLedah for this awesome guide.

-You don't have to be rank 120+. I really don't care what rank you are if you've done all the heists on hard at least once and know what you're doing. 2nd Heist is kind of a noobfilter, no problem.

-Also, if you don't have the Kuruma, no problem. I do.


-This is very important: BattleVest/Armor & Bulletproof Helmet. This I demand you do have, and have a saved outfit with both.


-Portable snacks / armor. Total Requirement. If you have macros to use them, even better.
-Have a calm trigger finger & don't be a demolitions expert. Heists that do not require explosives. Do not use them. In car, on foot, ever. Not even in PAC Heists leaving the bank. Just no.


-Timezones -> Europe would be best, but if you can be online when scheduled with the rest of the team, you can be from wherever you want :) Everyone is more than welcome.

There's a topic or two here that I consider important. ---> I have a job and life. It can happen that I can't be online for long periods of time and we need to stretch the heist / challenge over a period of some days. If you're ok with that, cool. There's also the possibility we can schedule to make the challenge all in 1 go. It's cool with me.


Onto roles.

- I consider myself good overhall, but prefer the Pilot / Driver jobs. Still if need be, I'm a good shot.


I hope I can get a group of good people together. And if there's more than 3 or 4 or even more people willing to join the group, I'm totally ok in creating a crew for everyone. Free Lobby loading times are mad, so crew or invite only would be perfect.
I created a crew in advance. If you want, you can join me there:




Guys, anything you need. Feel free to ask.

See you in Los Santos.




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