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PS4 restmode & Netflix

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Is there anyone who could give me information of how to set my PS 4 to go restmode while using Netflix?


So, I watch Netflix, fall asleep and my PS 4 keeps running. I'll get asked if I want to continue watching after every 3 episode and even this does not make my PS 4 turn off. Not answering this for hours should be sign enough I'm whether afk, chasing unicorns or doing something else. It puts me to the user select screen and keeps running and running and running. I mostly wake up to the noise my PS 4 does then and turn it off.


Any way to program this, either on Netflix or my PS 4 itself?


I have set my PS 4 to switch to rest mode after 2 hours idle time. I have crossed this time on Netflix several times and still did not turn off.

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Night Machine

I would just buy a Roku and stream on that. I streamed Netflix for years on the XBOX 360 & One and don't know why I didn't switch years before. They are far easier,quicker, quieter and way cheaper to operate and they put themselves in a low power state by themselves. Plus it saves all the needless extra wear and tare on your console. I own 3 Roku 2's for my TV's and will never go back to console streaming.

Edited by Night Machine

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Not sure if this is available in Germany.

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