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R.I.P Chris Cornell

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Wtf. Woah. This sucks a huge donkey cock.


Rest in paradise...why though?

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El Dildo

technically it was just speculation before, now suicide has been confirmed as the cause of death.




Cornell's wife/family is blaming this on a new anxiety medication that Chris had started using.



Edited by El Diablo

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Famous people commit suicide because they are held up so high it's impossible to not be on rocky ground, Everybody treats them like Kings and it's impossible to do anything without the media's attention. Life gets so bleak when you're anxious of anything you do, in fear that the media might ruin your career and turn you into a laughing stock. You either die doing what you love, being fearful your entire life, or sink to the bottom of the social food chain, and shun your fans by not doing what you love.


Obviously, I'm not dictating that's the reason why he committed suicide, but if he took too much of his anxiety medication, it shows he was anxious, and if private issues were happening in his life beforehand, that might have been the straw that broke the camel's back.


Anyway RIP to Chris Cornell, was not a huge fan of Soundgarden but this will probably scar the music industry similar to Cobain's suicide did 23 years ago, seeing the popularity of Soundgarden.

Edited by 21:6
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what the goddamn f/ck.

why are these wealthy and talented and beloved people so f/cking unhappy? bullsh/t.



Because they realise that they are at the top of a sh*t pile and that their "fans" are all just a bunch of pitiful losers seeking to live voraciously through them because they dream of being at the top of the same sh*t pile.


So they just end up killing themselves to get away from all the sad f*cks that they attract.

Edited by Absurdity

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Mister Pink

RIP dude


Edited by Mister Pink

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Original Light



Such a shame.

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El Dildo

stuff doesn't usually make me wanna cry but god damn



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