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stunt jumps issue


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I completed all the stunt jumps in both single-player and online on the PS3

I've since transferred my account over to the PS4 and now each time I Complete a stunt jump It says the following...




Could this be happening because I haven't completed the stunt jumps on the PlayStation 4 In single player?


I thought once it was Completed It would say all stunt jumps complete But I may be mistaken about this











I did find this...



I don't know exactly what this guy is referring to when he says...

...negative jump count? (I didn't know that The stunt jumps when into the negatives)

...and a stunt jump trick?


Does anyone know what I can do to have this corrected?

I've never used any tricks to do stunt jumps

I was never even aware that there was one

My account is 100% legit

I even earned my strength the old-fashioned way...

By running around punching individual people


It wasn't until much later that I was told by other players that there was a much easier ways Like arm wrestling but by that point it was too late

Edited by Deadman2112
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So I've decided to open a ticket with Rockstar support...


I did what the first guy asked me to do and that didn't correct the issue


But what's most concerning Is the complete and utter incompetence of Rockstar support because the next bit of advice that they gave me was how to reset my crew tags


...and Unsuccessfully mind you



The correspondence between them and I are in the spoiler tag below







MAY 17, 2017 06:08 PM



Each time I complete a stunt jump it says stunt jump complete please try again



How do I fix this?



FB_IMG_1495033743160.jpg (The image I provided them is the same one that's in the original post)





Support Tier 1


David A.

MAY 18, 2017 02:26 AM



Hello xXDeadmaN2112Xx,


We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your game. In an attempt to resolve these issues, we would like to try resetting the local user profile settings for the game. You do not have to worry about losing any progress, as this simply clears some temporary files associated with the game.


Please perform the following troubleshooting steps:


1) Fully shut down your console.


2) After 30 seconds of the console being shut down, restart the console.


3) Launch GTAV.


4) When launching GTAV, wait until a black screen appears after the initial splash art has disappeared, and hold down L1+R1 throughout the opening scenes.


5) If successful, you will be prompted to re-calibrate your language and brightness options.


If this does not resolve the issue, we kindly request you to provide us the video of the issue. So that we can investigate this and we will be glad to assist you further.


Best regards,


David A.


Rockstar Support






MAY 18, 2017 08:44 AM



Okay so I did what you recommended in the email response And everything worked exactly as you said it would...


Only this has not resolved the issue



I honestly don't know what good providing a video would doBecause it isn't going to show anything different that the screenshot that I've already provided.



...but I did make the video as requested





Additional info...



I am returning player from the PS3 gaming system now on the PS4.


I am currently at level 401and Have worked very hard to earn what I have


If the stunt jumps need to be reset I guess As much as I hate to even consider the idea of doing them all again I'm willing to do so but Only if that means resetting my stunt jumps. I don't want to lose anything else that I work really hard for.



When I was on the PS3 system I completed all stunt jumps In both single-player and multiplayer and when I would complete them It would say...


Stunt jump completed


All stunt jumps complete



This issue begin after I transferred my character from the PS3 system.



It is also important to note That I have not completed the stunt jumps in single player on the PS4



In all honesty I did it several times on the PS3 And I'm really not looking forward to doing them again but unfortunately if I have to I guess I have to



Anyway please let me know any info and please contact me with the info before any decisions are made



Basically what I'm saying is if it comes down to me having to live with this stupid message popping up all the time and resetting my account...


I would rather deal with the message



Thank you for your time






Support Tier 1

Michael G.

MAY 18, 2017 01:28 PM



Hello xXDeadmaN2112Xx,


Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.


We do apologize for any inconvenience you may be experiencing because of the link between the Rockstar Games Social Club and GTA Online. In order to address these issues, we have included the below troubleshooting. Please note that this troubleshooting may seem redundant, but we ask that you complete all of these steps in the order that they are given. In addition, these steps take place both on your console and your PC.






Enter GTA Online


In the pause menu, go to the "Online" Tab and select "Leave GTA Online"


Wait until the game returns to Story Mode


Quit to your XMB (XrossMediaBar)


Sign out of your PSN ID







Log into http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/


Select Settings in the top right drop down menu


Select Linked Accounts


Unlink the PSN ID you have linked to this Social Club Account







Sign back into your PSN ID


Enter GTA Online


Play for around half an hour


In the pause menu, go to the "Online" Tab and select "Crews"


Sign into your Social Club account


Wait for GTA Online to Link to Social Club Account


You will notice that you have a tag with no letters in the Lobby Menu (Top Left Corner)


Play for 15-30 minutes


In the pause menu, go to the "Online" Tab and select "Leave GTA Online"


Wait until the game returns to Story Mode


Quit to your XMB


Sign out of your PSN ID







Return to the Rockstar Social Club


Select Settings in the top right drop down menu


Select Linked Accounts


Re-Link the PSN ID you want to have linked to this Social Club Account


Log out of your Social Club Account







Sign back into your PSN ID


Enter GTA Online


Check that your Crew Tag shows up correctly in the Lobby Menu (Top Left Corner)





If the problem still continues for you please, let us know.


Best regards,


Michel G.


Rockstar Support







MAY 19, 2017 12:29 AM



Wait, what?


This has nothing to do with crew tags...


You do realize that?





To be on the safe side...


I did what you asked





It did not correct the problem.



As a matter of fact, the instructions you gave me didn't even work the way that you said that they would.


I completed steps 1 and 2.


On step 3, when I log back in to my Rockstar account through GTA Online, it did not clear my crew tags as you said it would...



I provided a video below to prove that point.



When I followed the instructions (regarding logging back into my social club account Through GTA Online) it said that I had changed Crews in the middle of a session and loged me out of that server, placing me in a server alone.



In the video, you will clearly see that my crew tags were not blank...






In step 4 you said...



Return to the Social Club after logging out of my PSN account and that I would need to relink my Social club account to my PSN



This was not the case.



When I got to the Social Club page my PSN was already linked...


Because When I logged in through GTA Online (as instructed in step 3) it asked me to link it right then.



Kind of pointless, to offer information that doesn't even work the way you say it should.



In the next video I run through a few more stunt jumps just to show that this has not corrected the issue






So, just to recap


...in case it's too much for anyone to scroll up and look at the Original complaint.



The issue that I am having is when I do a stunt jump in GTA Online It says...



Stunt Jump Complete


"Please Try Again"



It should say...



Stunt Jump Complete


"All Stunt Jumps Completed"



Additional info to note...



This is regarding Grand Theft Auto V


Particularly, Grand Theft Auto Online



I am a returning PS3 player who has transferred my account over to the PS4


This issue began after I transferred my account.



The Stunt Jumps were completed on PS3


When this was accomplished. I completed them both in single-player and GTA Online.



Since transferring my account to the PS4, I have not completed the stunt jumps in the single player story mode. (I'm offering that info just in case that has a link to why they're not working in GTA online)



Clearly, the issue continues to persist...






Edited by Deadman2112
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