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What Whould I do After Vercetti Mansion



I completed every missions from the Vercetti mansion... What else should I do? There's nothing on the map :( (Playing in Android)

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3 answers to this question

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Hello! :)


There's several things that you may have left to complete in the game, so some more information would be helpful to know exactly where you are in the game. You could be waiting for a Phone Call to unlock the next mission. need to purchase properties or maybe even finished all of the Story Missions in the game and just need to complete Side Missions and Collectables to achieve 100% Completion.


What was the last mission you have completed from the Vercetti Mansion? Have you purchased any of the properties which become available after the mission 'Shakedown' and completed the asset missions for each of them?


There's a 100% Checklist available on GTASnP.com that you'll find useful to show you exactly what is left to complete in order to complete the game to 100%, but you'll need to upload your save file there for it to show you this. You can find your save file using a File Manager App in this directory: /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtavc/files/


The file will be called 'GTA3sfX.b'. The 'X' will be a number and will be the save slot you have saved the game in (so if you've saved the game in Slot 3, the file will be GTA3sf3.b). Upload it on the website and the page it takes you to will have a 100% Checklist further down the page.

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I just bought the Malibu Club and new missions are added :)

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Note that there is one asset that is mandatory to access the last strand of Vercetti missions, the Printworks.

Edited by kaetsyth

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