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[PS4] The Rip-Off Church

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Suicide Note Productions Presents: The Rip-Off Church

In the most desperate hour, no matter what he's claimed throughout his life, a man will always reach out for something, whether he has believed its truly been there or not. Searching for someone to let him know that its all been worth something, that all of his sins have been forgiven. But people like us know different, the things we've seen, the people we've been, can never be forgiven. For us, there is no God, and there is no Satan, no Heaven or Hell, and the only difference between Vengeance and Forgiveness is whether it comes Quick, or Slow. The Law of the city isn't written on parchment, isn't marked by bells or sung in great halls. It's echoed through the streets, printed on the backs of Dead Presidents and Written in Crimson across the cracking asphalt of this decaying city. Paper, and Iron, it has been here for longer than we've been alive, and will exist long after we're dead, so Grab What You Can, First to Finish.

Okay No Seriously

We are a Relatively New Crew within the Cannon that is San Andreas. We have a number of skilled players who are already pretty well established and ready to help whether you are a new player, or just someone that wants to learn quicker ways of stacking your money. Or if you just wanna hone your skills with weapons or vehicles, we are more than equipped to facilitate any and all Requests.

So Let us Know!


Thanks for Your Consideration! We'll Be Seeing You.

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