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|Xbox One| YouTube Series Looking For Actors [Weekly]


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Mental Mascots is a YouTube series that tells the story of a celebrity crew in Los Santos. The series shows the crew get into all kinds of situations including, but not limited too:


  • Gang wars
  • Street fights
  • Drive-bys
  • Hydra wars
  • Car shows
  • Car shows being destroyed by Hydras
  • Gang leaders
  • Gang leaders being knocked off buildings
  • Merchandising
  • Stunt Shows

You get the idea.


Actors who pick a main role will recur in more than one episode, and could very well be in the show weekly. It is a big responsibility, but great fun to get to know and develop a character. (Keep in mind that this doesn't mean that you have to provide any voice work, but if you are in to that, providing your voice is no problem at all)


Of course, minor characters are always needed.So if you're looking to appear in a video, but don't want to fully commit to being in the show weekly, this is your spotlight.


Other crews can come in and join the acting as well. In fact, some episodes in the future might require a full MC and PMC to go against the Mental Mascots. Hint Hint


Video List Of Episodes So Far




Join the Discord Server to receive the script and roles in the show. It is a good idea to make an account and not join as a guest if you want to be apart of the series weekly.


Click Here To Join


Times and dates of recording will be announced in the Discord server


If you are interested in becoming an actor, fill out the form below.


Click here to submit an application form


After reviewing your application form, you will be contacted via Discord. If you are not on the Discord Server, you will be contacted via Xbox Live.



*Note that Mental Mascots is a crew as well as a YouTube series. Becoming an actor doesn't make you apart of the crew. There is a thread for that. The benefits of being in the crew is you will always be picked over a regular actor for a major role, and you can influence the story more than a regular actor would.


Crew Recruitment Thread

Edited by Madthulu
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