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Unsure what to buy with my $3.0m


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I have $3.0m in my bank account. What should I buy? I'm considering:

- Hydra, super fun to use I'd imagine, but I fear I won't use it much since it's freeroam only

- Rocket Voltic, it seems so fun and I'd enjoy myself while using it, but it's freeroam only

- X80 Proto, I don't have a supercar (only an Armored Kuruma), and it's extremely fast and looks great, but I fear it's not worth the $2.7m pricetag


Feedback greatly appreciated!; I really have no clue what I want to buy


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Hydra isn't freeroam only. You can use it in missions like every other Pegasus vehicle.

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What do you have for making money? If you don't have an office or Import/Export vehicle warehouse then get those straight away. A Buzzard is essential too as it's an armed heli you can spawn at your feet for free as a CEO, and is very useful for breezing through CEO missions or crate collections. Personally I'd say everything in your list is a luxury you can't afford when you only have $3mil.

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Since gunrunning is coming up I would wait.

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Personally wouldn't buy the X80, the 811 is just as quick in a straight line and a fraction of the price. Neither are the best at handling though. For a good all rounder get a Tempesta. Get a Buzzard with the rest or save it for future updates.

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Since gunrunning is coming up I would wait.


This. There may be some goodies released soon that make your decision to squander money much easier!


Otherwise, I don't know... I assume you have a Buzzard already as it's not on the list (but if not, buy one right away - it's beyond handy for all manner of Freeroam and Mission stuff).

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A friend of mine almost bought an Insurgent. I told him to wait. We might get something better. He isn't filthy rich either.

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Forza Harrd

Save up a little more and get a Swift Deluxe. You're almost there.


jk seriously if it was a big deal to save 3 mil then you need to invest the money in money making property. I recommend a Buzzard and the cheapest CEO office. Start grinding VIP missions and whatever R* puts on 2x$ and RP.

Edited by Forza Harrd
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Yeah, now is the worst possible time to buy anything, the viability of any vehicle or property is questionable until we get a look at gunrunning. At least wait till the new round of discounts drops tomorrow.

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