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Grand Theft Auto 5 - PS4 Roleplay - 300+ Members

Recommended Posts


Out Of Character (OOC)

Name: Jacob

Age: 15

PSN: NotreDame117

Role Play experience: RLRP(REAL LIFE ROLE PLAY)


In Character (IC)


Name: Jeremiah

Age: 42

Job/Career/Money Source: 24/7 Clerk. Run/ work for/ whomever owns the store

Bio : He is a retired Veteran in the U.S. Army, served for 23 years and now just wants a regular life after what he had seen

Personality : Depressed, Bipolar, Happy(at times)

Vehicle: Elegy RH8

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-16+ Community!

-A police training manual 

-A few  members of DOJ RP (Polcats DOJ) offers civilian and communications training.

- Closest experience you will get to DOJ

-PS4 Servers

-Monthly Special Events

Spots are filling up fast. 

Let us know how you heard about our community. 

Come apply today and we will see you soon.




-Highway Patrol 

-Department of Natural Resources 

-CIV (Closed)






Also a video of what we have done for The Holidays 






Give me your discord name with the 4 digit number or add wingedslinky958 on PlayStation 

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Ognjen Nikolic


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Out of Caracter

Name: Kevin 
age: 21
Psn: hegzbeastybeast
Roleplay psn: XMI169
Romeplay XP: Gta RP voltage gaming server
In caracter
Name: Gus kjellberg
age 29
moved to San Andreas at age 20 from Norway to pursue life as a social media influencer.
got millions in the bank but found life boring after only success and no challenge.
then decided to start a "normal" life
but have a hard time adjusting
so cope with drugs, sometimes going abit out of hand making headlines
pretty nice but also think he is better than most cause he got money wich matters
have a history of mental illness and psychosis
has 5 siblings but no contact after a huge fallout backhome
father killed himself at age 1, and mom had a psychosis leaving gus in fostercare
and wellfair for a long time
now he wants to drive a cab and move up any oportunity he sees


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I want to play

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PSN: SgtShotty

Player name: Richard Nixon III

PSN: SgtShotty

Player name : Richard Nixon III

Age 30



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name: Kade 

age: 20

psn: Ka-dogg04




Name: Chubs

Job: Uber driver


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How can I join the discord? The link at the top has expired or is just not working for me. Would really like to get into some GTA roleplaying!

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