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GTAForums Weekly - Issue 9


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Week of May 7th - 13th






Hello and welcome back, or if you're a newcomer, welcome to the GTAForums Weekly newsletter! This is our ninth issue. You may notice a bit of restructuring and that some of the segments have shifted around a bit. We hope this current format is much more enjoyable and easier to read through. As always, any suggestions from those who wish to share them are always welcome. While not much has happened this week in terms of GTAForums News, we do have our usual consistent weekly content posted in the News sub-forum. No new topic regarding GTA Online bonuses, but don't forget that current bonuses will only last until May 15th. Be sure to read more information regarding that in Rockstar Central.

A new round of the Weekly Vehicle Showdown was launched earlier this week, this time around the reigning champ the Pegassi Tempesta was pinned against the well-loved Grotti Turismo Classic. Earlier in the week, the Turismo Classic lead by a very large margin, but that didn't last long as the Tempesta gained some ground. At the time this is being posted, the Turismo Classic is leading by around 10 votes. Last Wednesday, the thirteenth issue of Custom Rides & Garages was posted, as well, featuring a range of Snaps from posts in the "Vehicle Screenshots: Custom Rides & Garages Thread", from the GTA Online sub-forum. REXX also posted Week 5's Top 5 of the Weekly Outfit Showcase, including Vinewood Glamour themed clothing.

GTAForums currently has a total of 14,782,408 posts (+13,490 from last week) and 703,713 members (+429 from last week) at the time this is being posted.




Welcome to the ninth week of the Rockstar Central! I’m your host, Spider-Vice, and we’ll be highlighting this week’s happenings in the Rockstar Universe.

Grand Theft Auto

This week in GTA Online, Rockstar has given us more bonuses! And I say more because these new ones also end on May 15, just like the previous week’s, which are still in effect, along with a brand-new bonus this Friday (May 12).

Criminals of Los Santos, along with the persistence of last week’s bonuses will be able to enjoy double GTA$ and RP payouts in all GTA Online Heists! That is:

- The Fleeca Job

- Prison Break

- The Humane Labs Raid

- Series A Funding

- The Pacific Standard Job

There’s also a new premium race and a time trial, running from May 9 to May 15, just like every single event active right now in GTA Online. The Premium Special Vehicle Race is ”Beach Party” this week, locked to the Blazer Aqua; and this week’s Time Trial is ”Raton Canyon”, for those who enjoy the high octane, high pressure action of these.

As mentioned before, Rockstar has given us brand new bonuses this Friday, in a completely unexpected move, which was only announced on Twitter. Running also until May 15, players will be able to enjoy a 25% discount on:

- Rocket and Grenade Launchers

- Vehicle and Body Armour

- Bulletproof Tyres

- All Throwables

Also in a strike of speculation, it seems that Rockstar has increased the RP and GTA$ multiplier cap to 3x, which means that triple (!) bonuses may be coming soon! Thanks to Fun for the report, as always.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Water! An oasis! Was this finally the week that Rockstar or someone there showed us a bit of RDR2? Unfortunately, no. But it was definitely the most fun week at the RDR2 forum since the announcement!

On May 10, someone mysterious posted a picture of what seemed to be a western game, very similar to RDR2, which made the gaming press, and sent everyone into an outright spiral of speculation, excitement, disbelief and scepticism. Unfortunately for everyone (despite someone knowing that wasn’t RDR2, because it just couldn’t be due to how different Rockstar’s engine actually looks), the next day or so, a brand new project called Wild West Online was announced, which is a Kickstarter project from a small team of developers who are looking for some backing. Looks exciting, and ambitious, but it’s not Red Dead! You can check out the stages of grieving party here.

In another strike of speculation, all GTA Online bonuses, and I mean all of them, for the first time, end on the same day – May 15. Please be RDR2 and not Gunrunning!

As always, be sure to check out the RDR2 sub-forum for more discussion on everything that’s been happening, including the possibility of Rockstar being at E3.

Do you think you’ve got the camera to take the best shots in the state of San Andreas? Are you confident in your skills, and you don’t fall apart as soon as you see someone else taking a really hip sepia picture of Mirror Park at dusk? This is where you belong!

Originally coined by @SingularSoul in February 2014, and reborn by @~Tiger~ later the same year, the GTAForums Weekly Snapmatic Competition ”is the place to showcase your skills as a top In-game photographer”, according to the competition thread linked above.

By following a small set of rules, you will be able to post what you can do best, by following a weekly theme decided by the judges. After the end of each week, a winner for each platform will be chosen, and they will be able to sport a snazzy signature pip saying they won that week! (hey, I’ve got one myself!)

Also every week, highlights will be posted up in this very News section, which you can find pinned, or here by following the link.




This segment includes coverage that continues from where last week's issue left off. As we near E3 and the four year anniversary of it's release this Summer, we'll be taking a look back at the days surrounding the initial GTA V announcement, all the way up until the release. This will be a multi-part topic that we will be covering, so be sure to stick around.

When they're not sharing various artwork or screenshots, Rockstar is usually either keeping quiet or showing us something really special. Back in July of 2013, we got our first taste of gameplay through the
. The brief video showed off new aspects of the game, including, of course, the three new protagonists, how single player heists would work and be prepared, the new heads up display, and much more. One little hint that was included within the video was a fourth, unavailable character while switching. "83 days" could be read throughout the video whenever switching characters occurred, which at the time would have led up to September 30th of that year, a day before GTA Online was officially launched. The blank space would eventually be replaced by your GTA Online character. Grand Theft Auto Online was also teased at the very end of the video, which would be shown a bit further down the line.

Despite a few minor UI differences, along with the scrapped real estate feature, the "build" shown in the video looks complete when compared with the final game.



Later that month, details of a GTA V Strategy Guide surfaced via the Newswire. Created by the infamous BradyGames (now Prima Games), the guide offered a complete, in-depth look and walkthrough of pretty much anything in the game. The regular edition would cost about $25, while the limited edition would run you $37, which of course came with some goodies. If you pre-ordered the Limited Edition, you would receive an exclusive artwork lithograph showing Michael, Franklin, and Trevor preparing for a heist, along with 32 additional pages of artwork in the guide.





By the time August came around, they were ready to announce that a GTA Online gameplay video would be released, along side press previews. Both were released two days after the official announcement. GTA Online was described as a "living, online world with multiple players" that would include new content constantly developed by Rockstar for players to enjoy, such as the Content Creator, which allows you to create your own jobs / missions to play or share with others. Features shown in the video ranged from character customization, to the ability to purchase your own apartments / garages, activities, and so on. It was also explained that you could band together, form a crew, and then take on a heist.. but we all know how that story goes.

GTA Online was launched October 1st, just two weeks after GTA V was launched worldwide. Let's not forget how difficult it was to play the first few days due to server overload :p

Rockstar simultaneously updated the GTA V website around the same time of the GTAO trailer announcement. Described as an "interactive travelogue", the newly updated site provided us with information regarding San Andreas' economy, healthcare, luxuries, shopping, and so on. New screenshots and artwork were also included.









GTA Online







E3 2017

























































We sat down in front of our computers this week to interview one of GTAForums' own extraterrestrial and father, .



U: What brought you to GTAForums?

A2: I came to GTAF in late October of 2013, I was looking for the location of a Tornado, super common I know now, but I needed help back then. I also wanted to find any other cool cars. After browsing for a few days I made an account in November because I needed more help on the very first money glitch I ever took part in. That was also the end of the days struggling for money.. been rich in one GTA sense or another ever since then, and the few days I wasn't rolling in the dough I was rich in the experiences and interactions provided here on the forums.

U: What inspired you to create your username?

A2: My username is old. Older than many users here, I'd wager.. in 1993 I read a book by Doris Lessing; The Fifth Child, in which the phrase "Alien Two" was used to refer to the title character. I immediately took to the name and have been using ever since, with only a few minor interruptions (Lord Voodoo, the Voodoo King, Guybrush Threepwood..).

U: What has been your favorite part about being in Zaibatsu Corporation?

A2: Zaibatsu.. what a ride. I initially began chatting and requested membership when I wasn't very familiar with everything here, the gangs, what they meant, etc, simply because I liked the spinning pill pip. It didn't take long after being accepted that I realized this was one of the best random decisions I've ever made, the Z is filled with kind, funny and smart people, all way above my level, and the feeling of "family" is more powerful than even that of the Fast and the Furious movies, which as far as I'm told is quite the achievement. One day I hope to have my sh*t together in the way the majority of Zaibatsu has theirs. Sort it... sort it.

U: What's your favorite part about the forum community?

A2: For me, it started out as a wonderful repository for many tricks and tips for GTA:O, evolved into a crew recruiting took and then to a real, fully-formed community. Which leads me to say the best part of the community is just that... the community. Many different personalities and unique individuals here that make up the whole, and while obviously not everyone can make it to that internal "respect list", each voice is a part of the community and will be missed when silenced.. I've formed solid relationships and been given an insight into cultures I otherwise would have only watched from afar, for that I am genuinely grateful.

U: Which forum member do you feel the closest to?

A2: I feel close to many members, many in the Z (one who has helped me out on a personal level on many different occasions), many in the PBMO, VANS and GTAF Crews, and many outside of those groups whom I just have good relationships with. I decline to name names for fear of mission important individuals, and naming just one name wouldn't be appropriate either.

U: If you were given Admin powers for a day, what would you do?

A2: I'd be immensely boring as an admin for a day. Authority tends to chill me out more than hype me up.. I'd probably spend all my time reading up on past incidents that I didn't have access to before and nothing else.

U: What's your favorite Rockstar Games title or series?

A2: Favorite R* title or series is pretty easy answer for me, my favorite series is GTA, been playing it ever since i heard about the first game being "Banned in 48 states and Australia" (which was of course total BS). I have to admit I never played the actual missions until III though, just drove around running people over and causing chaos in I & II (1969 london add on included). My favorite title however, isn't GTA, but RDR. Just the artistry and pure beauty that game has, playing it brings peace and calm to me. Especially when replaying coming up over that ridge and seeing Mexico for the first time. It does fade a bit when hearing "Work you damn nag!" though.

U: What lessons have you learned being a parent?

A2: I've learned many lessons in being a parent, #1 all those times my parent told me I'd "understand one day" are coming true. Now I get a lot of things and decisions made and I speak with my mom about them regularly. #2 is just patience.. it's a vital skill to have, one that's hard to hone and even harder to maintain in times of stress, but most vital and necessary in those times that it is at it's most difficult to achieve. I've also learned a lot of little lessons, "What is a Spongebob?", "How annoying is Pokemon?", "Is any pup to small or any job too big?" and the most important - "You can't force a person to like something and sometimes the harder you try, the worse it gets."

U: Will AlienThree (your son) join the future GTAForums generation?

A2: Little AlienThree (RIP the other AlienThree) will maybe one day make his way here, but i predict at least 10 more years until I'm okay with it. This place isn't appropriate for people younger than that I would have to say. Additionally, I need plenty of time to go through all, I mean ALL, of my old posts and make them "My child appropriate". That alone will take at least the decade mentioned.

U: Tell us more about yourself personally. Any favorite hobbies, music, etc?

A2: I think it's well established that I'm a pretty big Star Trek fan, if not, "I'm a pretty big Star Trek fan." I also play music, I'm a bassist by trade but play the guitar and drums a bit as well. I like good old fashioned Rock and Roll, Tool being my favorite band. I used to read a lot, that's taken a back seat lately, but I consume a lot of movie/tv/book podcasts, if that counts as a "hobby". Mostly I play Star Trek Online and practice at being a dad.

U: Finally, since you're one of the known GTAForums parents, what advice would you give to those that are already a bit on the younger side (18 & under)?

A2: I tried to put some serious and very careful thought into this last one, advice for the younger, but then I remembered myself at a younger age. I didn't take much advice as I was pretty sure I had it all figured out.. I think one of the best things I've learned so far is "perspective." Take a look at everything you can with as much openness to other perspectives as possible, and try to take your struggles in appropriate stride. I've often seen knowledge as a multi-leveled concept, one that in itself provides limited perspective until the higher tiers, but being aware of this fact helps widen that perspective at the lower portions. The more you feel you know about a new subject, usually indicates the more there is to learn. As you begin to have the perspective to see all that there is still left to learn, you'll feel less and less confident, but will be actually getting more and more competent. Only a fool thinks a weeks worth of work makes him an expert at anything... even if he had 4 billion people at his inauguration.

Thank you again for this opportunity and the honor of this interview, I leave you with this, GTAF; "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still loose. That is not a weakness, that is life."




Kendrick Lamar - DNA.






DNA. Is the second track off Kendrick's highly anticipated fourth studio album, DAMN., released on April 14, 2017. The track features Kendrick adopting multiple viewpoints about his racial heritage and culture in the lyrics, and even samples from Fox News commentators criticizing rap music influences on the youth.



Album: DAMN.



Genre: Hip-Hop



Release Date: April 14, 2017



Label: Top Dawg/Interscope



Writer(s): Kendrick Duckworth, Michael Williams II






- Editor & Publisher, Topics/Snaps of the Week



- GTAForums News, Blast from the Past



@slohbur - Graphics Assistant



@Spider-Vice - Rockstar Central



@Testarossa - Track of the Week



@unbid - Interviewer



Edited by Android


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Love the Kendrick album shout out at the end. Needs more love on these forums.



Great issue.

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Damn, an Ali interview. I don't know how you can up it from there, guy is a legend.

Great issue as always. ;)

Edited by livejoker
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Had a good read as always! :D

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