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GTAF Weekly Outfit Showcase Week 05 Top 5


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This week had the community show off their high end outfits worth more than a house with Vinewood Glamour.


Commander S


As a big fan of black clothing, especially Bustiers, I could not resist this outfit. The bustier combination with the black suit pants and plumps all go well together. The pendant add that little touch of glam.



TankGirl has gone for an all-pink outfit, looking like a multi-million dollar cutie who would do anything to get attention! Great combo with the top and plaid skirt.



AndreasDuke has gone for a formal outfit which appears to be a tuxedo with the use of high life apparel. I would be surprised not to see this guy in a casino (if we had one :p).



JR_Death once again amazes me with an excellent clothing combo. The leopard print leggings combined with the leather jacket and aviators is great.



It appears that sleepwalk1980 has gone for a French twist with a combination of the white fur leather jacket, black pencil skirt and of course the beret. A good black and white combo.

As usual, I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to participate and I definitely look forward to seeing everyones outfits with next weeks theme! Edited by REXX
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Thanks Rex! It was fun, cant wait till next weeks showcase :)

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It seems we had an all female top 5 this week!

Hmm, are you sure? :p
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It seems we had an all female top 5 this week!

Hmm, are you sure? :p

Damn I'm stupid :lol: Fixed :p

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Commander S

...well, shucks! :blush: Credit where it's due: any recognition should probably go to whoever came up with this outfit - I just figured I could make a decent approximation in GTAO, and it turned out alright (and it's been in my saved outfits ever since - two years, now! :O).

Fun round, and really good entries in response - looking forward to seeing what y'all come up with for the next one! :)

Edited by Commander S
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