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Mister Pink

...Grand Theft Auto V eased me into motherhood

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Mister Pink

How blowing up planes in Grand Theft Auto V eased me into motherhood..


Interesting article from a mother who explains


"By day I was exhausted from making small talk at baby groups, but at night I could escape to a life of violent crime and irresponsibility."


I think GTA and videogames does this for many of us. However, I thought it was unusual for a mother to do so or at least the perception is that it's mostly young, teenage males. I think it's great that a mother can enjoy some escapism in GTA. Makes me wonder about all the more unusual players out there that escape in Los Santos at night. Maybe school principles, vicars, lawyers and judges.. :p


"It has luscious scenery and diverse wildlife. I have been eaten by a shark, swum with orcas and even found a humpback whale singing gently off toward the upper limits of the ocean. I also have my favourite places to find peace: a sea cave on the bottom right of the map and the quiet mountain stream just north of the city. GTA doesn’t just give you permission to be irresponsible, it gives you permission to rest."


I also think it's a great example that GTA is more than just "blowing sh*t up" as I've seen other members on here describe it. It can allow you to rest and more.


Thought I would share as it's an interesting read and the article was only published today.

Edited by Mister Pink

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Great Britain

Some of my best and most relaxing moments after a shi*ty day were spent on Grand Theft Auto with mates. :D

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Now that's a pretty badass mom.

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Mister Pink

Now that's a pretty badass mom.


Yeah and she's pretty hardcore. I mean sounds like she pretty much 100%ed the game. Not just dicking about in free-roaming but legitimately done all you can do. I think it's pretty cool, not that I have low-expectations of gamers that happen to be female, it's just not common in my experience.

Edited by Mister Pink

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Happy to hear this kind of news, it further proves that video games are one of the best stress relievers.

The article also says:

"Like a lot of parents, I wonder about the role this medium will play in my child’s life."

I've been wondering the same thing and can only imagine what's going to happen when her children find out about her escapades in Los Santos. :blink:

Edited by DimitriFaustin

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mother of the year! I've played on line with a lot of mothers. its true also that people from all walks of life playthis game. I did a heist with an old man yesterday.

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