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Which game modes would you like to see again?


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Personally, Hold your own and Undead nightmare survival were amazing. Endless fun.


Imagine 16 vs 16 Hold your own. Daaaaamn! Come on fall, come on fall.



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Mr. Leisurewear

Undead overrun like you mentioned and Hold your own + also the fun packed Gold Rush :)

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Mr. Leisurewear

Man grab the bag was the sh*t also , how could i forgot about that :p

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Man grab the bag was the sh*t also , how could i forgot about that :p

grab the bag on armadillo where everyone would run the bags to the left of the map? lol good times

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Lemoyne outlaw

stronghold that was a fun game mode. I loved the one in for mercer . I have so many great memories with it. I would be getting a lot of kills with the cannon. and I really hope they bring the cannon back.


grand prix usually im not a big racing fan but grand prix was different it was fun. it was also cool being able to shoot at players like in a gta race. just please don't do stunt horses and random power up rockets or a line that comes out of your horse and blow up the enemy horse.


free roam I know this will be in the game but I really hope they keep it just like the original. have posses, animals to hunt with friends, gang hideouts and more. I also hope they add new things to do there. like free mode events only in a old west style.


i would also like to see some adversary modes. before you attack me this is strictly wild west themed modes. i actually like some adversary modes. they can be fun and unique. they also bring in some good money during double money events. im sure rockstar can make some awesome fun old west themed adversary modes. they can even add a little silliness to it. but nothing unrealistic.

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Poker, Liar's Dice, and Horseshoes were always fun to play in free-roam. Undead overrun was a blast as well, I'm sure they'll find some way to squeeze a few zombies into the plot line after what happened in the first game. While I'm undoubtedly sure team deathmatch will return I hope they keep the quick draw shootout at the beginning of the matches.

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  • 4 months later...

Liar's Dice

That was how I made bank! Apart from hunting

I don't know how to play Poker or Blackjack, I just went all in until I finally won a game. lol

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